Check out TSN's national broadcast schedule, with more tournament coverage and channel designations to follow.


IIHF Women's Worlds - Pre-Competition

Teams Date Time (ET) Network
USA vs. ROC Wed. August 18 2pm TSN1
Canada vs. Finland Wed. August 18 6pm TSN1
Czech Republic vs. Switzerland Wed. August 18 9:30pm TSN1 (JIP on TSN3 @ 11pm)


IIHF Women's Worlds - Calgary

Date Game Time (ET) Network
Friday, August 20 Czech Republic vs. Denmark 2pm TSN1/4
Friday, August 20 Canada vs. Finland 6pm TSN1/4
Friday, August 20 Switzerland vs. USA 9:30pm TSN4
Saturday, August 21 Germany vs. Hungary 2pm App
Saturday, August 21 ROC vs. Switzerland 6pm TSN3
Saturday, August 21 Denmark vs. Japan 9:30pm TSN3
Sunday, August 22 Hungary vs. Czech Republic 2pm TSN1
Sunday, August 22 Canada vs. ROC 6pm TSN1/4
Sunday, August 22 Finland vs. USA 9:30pm TSN1/4
Monday, August 23 Germany vs. Denmark 2pm TSN1/3
Monday, August 23 Japan vs. Czech Republic 6pm TSN1/3
Tuesday, August 24 USA vs. ROC 2pm TSN1/4
Tuesday, August 24 Switzerland vs. Canada 6pm TSN1/4
Tuesday, August 24 Hungary vs. Japan 9:30pm TSN4 (JIP on TSN5 @ 10pm)
Wednesday, August 25 ROC vs. Finland 2pm TSN1/4
Wednesday, August 25 Czech Republic vs. Germany 6pm TSN1/4
Wednesday, August 25 Denmark vs. Hungary 9:30pm TSN4
Thursday, August 26 Finland vs. Switzerland 2pm TSN4/5
Thursday, August 26 USA vs. Canada 6pm TSN1/4/5
Thursday, August 26 Japan vs. Germany 9:30pm TSN4/5 (JIP on TSN1/3 @ 11:30pm)
Saturday, August 28 QF - ROC vs. Switzerland Noon TSN1/4/5
Saturday, August 28 QF - USA vs. Japan 3:30pm TSN1/4
Saturday, August 28 QF - Canada vs. Germany 7pm TSN3/4
Saturday, August 28 QF - Finland vs. Czech Republic 10:30pm TSN1/3/4 (JIP TSN5 @ 11pm)
Sunday, August 29 Placement Game 3pm TSN4
Sunday, August 29 Placement Game 7pm TSN4
Monday, August 30 Semifinal 3pm TSN
Monday, August 30 Semifinal 7pm TSN
Tuesday, August 31 Placement Game Noon TSN
Tuesday, August 31 Bronze Medal 3:30pm TSN
Tuesday, August 31 Gold Medal 7:30pm TSN


Schedule subject to change