The Canadian Football League and the CFL Players' Association negotiated throughout Wednesday in Toronto and plan to be back at the bargaining table on Thursday.

In an email sent by the union to its membership Wednesday night obtained by TSN Football Insider Farhan Lalji, the CFLPA said it had received a new collective bargaining agreement proposal from the league that did not satisfy expectations or sufficiently resolve key issues. The current CBA expires on Saturday at midnight with training camps scheduled to open the following day.

The union advised players that a work stoppage satisfying labour laws in each team's home province has been planned if it believes it is required. The CFLPA adds that it is in players' best interests to travel to their individual club's training facilities to be in position to execute a strike. They also said more time is required to negotiate with the league to attempt to reach a new CBA.

The CFLPA added that if a new collective bargaining agreement cannot be negotiated within the work stoppage, the union would agree to pay for players' transportation home where players would remain until an agreement is reached.

As TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor wrote earlier on Wednesday, players are looking for an improved guarantee of future revenues, while the league is looking for roster flexibility and the introduction of “naturalized” Canadians. Each side is also looking for ways to slow roster turnover. 

The 2022 CFL season is scheduled to open on June 9 with pre-season action getting underway on May 23.

Here is the email sent from the CFLPA to its membership Wednesday evening:

Today, the CFL tabled a new offer which addressed a number of our key issues. Unfortunately, our expectations on these issues have not satisfied, and our committee does not believe that our key issues have been sufficiently resolved at this time. We need to negotiate further with the CFL on these critical issues to meet the standards and expectations of our membership. In order to do that, we need time and a united membership.

We have planned a work stoppage, if required, that will satisfy labour laws in each club's respective province. It is in our best interest as a union for our members to travel to their individual club's training facilities to be in a position to execute a legal strike. Six of our nine teams (BC, Sask, MB, Ont) will be able to strike beginning at 12:01 AM on Sunday, May 15. 

If a new collective bargaining agreement cannot be negotiated within a reasonable time following our work stoppage, the CFLPA will ensure that no player is stranded, and we are committing to pay for players' flights or drives home, where they may remain until an agreement is reached.