Conor McGregor says he feels great following surgery on a broken tibia after incurring the injury during the main event of UFC 264, but the 32-year-old Dubliner cast aspersions on Dustin Poirier's medical-stoppage victory over him, calling it "illegitimate."

Saturday's fight, the third between the two men, was stopped after the first round when McGregor couldn't continue due to injury.

"Just out of the surgery room, everything went to plan, everything went perfect and I'm feeling tremendous," the former lightweight and featherweight champion said. "We've got six weeks on a crutch now and then we begin to build back."

While Poirier was ahead after the first round on all three official scorecards, McGregor claims that he would have come back to win the fight had it continued.

"A clean break of the tibia and it was not to be," McGregor said. "Dustin, you can celebrate that illegitimate win all you want but you've done nothing in there. That second round would have shown all."

With McGregor now on the shelf for an extended period, UFC president Dana White is open to making a fourth fight between the two men once McGregor is medically cleared to return.

"The fight didn’t get finished,” White said on Saturday night. “You can’t have a fight finish that way, so we’ll see how this whole thing plays out. Who knows how long Conor is out, so Poirier will do his thing until Conor’s ready."

Poirier, now 2-1 in the three bouts with McGregor, is expected to get a title shot at current lightweight champion Charles Oliveira.