Introducing TSN Direct. A New Way To Get TSN


Introducing TSN Direct. A New Way To Get TSN


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Welcome to The TSN Hockey Bobcast - an all-new, fan-focused podcast where Bob addresses your questions on hockey...and just about anything else.


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Season 2 Episode 20


0:00 Oh, Baby, welcome to the Post Stanley Cup Final/Pre-NHL Draft /Penultimate edition of the Bobcast.

2:55 Bob compares Alex Ovechkin’s Cup celebration to his own end-of-season celebration, outlines his fear of dropping dead on July 1st, and the perils of: Playing credit-card roulette; shooting fish in a barrel; airplane germs; viral plagues, and Ground Zero beneath men’s urinals at airport washrooms.

9:45 Bob outlines his method for compiling his TSN draft rankings, and claims not to be a “draft expert” but admits to stealing from his trusted panel of 10 “draft experts.”

15:05 Bob describes the “it only takes one” principal of the draft. Where a player not ranked in TSN’s top 93 players can still get taken in the first 3 rounds. On the flipside, when a pick starts to free fall on draft day, the reason is because teams that passed on him liked one player better, and “it only takes one.”

21:15 Bob describes a trend that is developing with this year’s draft and outlines how the 1-3-4 principle has been blown up.  Now it is a 1-2-6 or 7 or 8 or 9 layering, with every player in TSN’s top 12 getting at least one top five ranking from the panel.

29:20 A listener asks “Bobby Hackenweeze” who the Habs should draft. Bob states that the Habs at No. 3 is where the draft gets interesting, and Jesperi Kotkaniemi would no longer be considered an off the board pick there.

33:30 A listener proposes a trade for the Senators where they would move up to No. 2. Bob says that he doesn’t foresee Ottawa moving up to 2, but moving down in the draft is also a possibility they could explore.

36:20 A listener asks Bob the chances of Filip Zadina playing in the NHL next year.

40:25 Bob answers some questions on the 4 big defensemen available in the draft and pleads guilty to the tree-murdering spree that happens to support his paper-filled desk.

46:47 A listener asks Bob about Adam Boqvist’s defensive ability and where he thinks Boqvist will be playing next year.

52:01 Bob takes some questions on Guelph’s  Ryan Merkley and takes a deep dive into his status.  Bob outlines what he has heard from scouts regarding his ranking and whether maturity, or lack thereof, will be his fatal flaw.

1:05:10 A listener responds to Fred Bates’ Vegas diatribes.

1:07:28 A listener recommends Apache Warrior for Bob.

1:09:24 A listener sends Bob a picture of the 1984 University of Manitoba’s Men’s hockey team, that includes assistant coach Barry Trotz.

1:11:55 Bob shelves the team-related questions and decides to answer them in a “Mini-Bobcast” on Monday or Tuesday from Vegas. (Show-notes requires a Mini-Bottle from the Duty Free, although I’m dubious Bob will actually follow through the unscheduled mini-Bobcast).  Bob also explains his frozen Margarita recipe and how the occasion determines the amount of tequila used.