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A New Way To Get TSN. All You Need Is Internet


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Welcome to The TSN Hockey Bobcast - an all-new, fan-focused podcast where Bob addresses your questions on hockey...and just about anything else.


Send your questions to bobcast@bellmedia.ca and TSN Hockey Insider might just answer them in future episodes.


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Season 3 Episode 6


0:00 Bobby Bebbanburg welcomes us to the "I am Uhtred, Son of Uhtred - Terminal B on the USS LaGuardia" Edition of the @TSNHockey #Bobcast


3:15 Bob describes his affection for hockey in Seattle, and discusses possible names for the new expansion franchise. (Show Notes editor: "Pikes Place Grinders" is the correct name)


9:23 Bob talks about William Nylander signing with the Leafs and discusses his relief that he won't have to discuss it anymore...then proceeds to talk about it.


12:52 Bob transitions to how the Nylander signing could affect Matthews and Marner and the rest of the stellar cast coming out of their entry-level deals in the summer.


17:15 Bob discusses the World Junior Championships coming to Edmonton and Red Deer in 2021 and the possibility that the blueprint for future site selections will pair an "NHL" city with a "Junior Hockey" city. 


22:28 Bob reminisces about his friend JJ — Jim Johannson of USA Hockey and how much he is missed.


23:44 Bobby Nantucket thanks UNTUCKit. 


26:08 A listener asks Bob to speak out about the Austin Watson domestic assault case. Bob thinks the system worked in this specific case but agrees that Watson's supension should not have been reduced.


52:44 A listener asks Bob why players let the salary cap rise when they despise the escrow. Bob says that every class of UFA/RFA wants to get the benefit of the inflator.


56:10 A listener asks about potential Arizona relocation post Seatlle expansion.


1:00:20 A listener asks for some backgound on how the TSN Hockey Insiders break down days like Nylander deadline day, Trade Deadline Day, and Free Agent Frenzy day. Bobby Vintner explains his love affair with Zalto wineglasses.


1:04:40 A NYI fan/listener asks Bob for wine bar recomendations in Toronto when said fan is in town to watch John Tavares play the Isles. Since the only wine bar Bob ever goes to is in his family room, Bob instead recommends a nice restaurant.


1:08:09 A listener asks Bob about two 14-year-olds who have applied for exceptional status. 


1:15:00 A faithful #Bobcast listener asks about Vikings and Floki getting his act together. Bob talks about his affection for Outlander and gives some Netflix recomendations, including The Last Kingdom, Shetland, the 3rd SOMM documentary and Narcos Mexico.