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From this week's edition (Episode 11):

Ray on Nathan MacKinnon saying he would take less again in his next contract to help the Colorado Avalanche win:

"I think he's just in the moment. I don't know Nate, but I think he's an 'in the moment' sort of guy. He's saying, 'Yeah, I'll take a little less money to help win a Stanley Cup.' Here's the problem with it.

In three years, someone could be making $14 million. So is Nate going to take seven to keep the team back, to keep the team together? Not a chance. And if he is, I'd advise him not to do it.

And the reason I'd say that, is if you leave millions of dollars on the table, there's no guarantee that your general manager's going to get a player who's going to be effective, there's no guarantee that the player you're going to get - that you're spending millions on because that's what it's going to be - is going to be helpful to your team.

You also better get together and talk to other guys on your team - if you're taking less, is Gabe Landeskog taking less? You better get to Cale Makar - because if you take $8 million and Cale Makar takes $12 million, I think you'd be rightly pissed. It's a far bigger conversation than this, but it is of course really noteworthy that somebody would just say ‘I'm going to take less...’"

Dregs on Nathan MacKinnon saying he would take less again in his next contract to help the Colorado Avalanche win:

"If you're Executive Director of the NHL Players' Association Don Fehr, what are you thinking? I know what (former Executive Director) Bob Goodenow would be thinking! Back in the day, 'Nate MacKinnon Line 1 - zip it  Nate, please don't ever say this again!'"

Ray on comparing player notes with Hall of Famer and Seattle pro scout (and better half) Cammi Granato and being 'not right' about Patrick Kane:

"It was 2007 and we went to Blackhawks camp and Kane was there as a rookie. I said, 'Toews is ready to play - the other guy Kane, he's too small - not ready.' She's 180 degrees from my opinion.

And Kane wins the Rookie of the Year. I've never really lived that down. No matter what we're discussing, it can always be looped back to Patrick Kane winning Rookie of the Year..."