James Krause suffered a split decision loss against Trevin Giles at UFC 247 on Saturday. 

Krause, who accepted the fight on only a few hours notice and moved up to middleweight for the bout, was shocked with the judging of the fight, particularly when he heard the scoring of the opening round.

“I’m not even upset that I lost the fight, because the fight was close, I just don’t understand how anyone can give him the first round,” Krause told TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter.  “It’s frustrating, it’s definitely frustrating, I don’t really know what else to say about it, It’s out of my control, so I’m just trying not to put a ton of energy into it.”

While it might be out of his control, his manager Jason House might not feel the same, as Krause believes that his representation plans to appeal the decision.  However, the 33-year-old fighter does not believe the loss will be taken off his record.  

“I think they’re appealing it, which I think is ridiculous. I told them not to, but I think they’re doing it,” said Krause.  “It’s not from my end, it’s not something that I want to do or I want to pursue, I know nothing will happen with it.  It’s something they are looking to do for sure.”

“That was about as definitive of a 10-9 round as you’re gonna get, I don’t know how else to win that round other than finish him.  I came close to finishing him three or four times, I’m not sure what else to do.”

Krause, who lost the fight on two of three scorecards, believes the current judging format needs to be reformed to better reflect mixed martial arts.

“I would score the fight as a whole, similar to the way that Pride used to do it or make the entire point system different, where there are more ten-ten’s or nine-nine’s,” said Krause.  

“It’s just ridiculous man, we’re going off a system that’s from a different sport.  Ping-pong and tennis don’t have the same rules and there is a reason for that, because they’re two different sports.  They look very similar, but they’re not.  There’s no consequence, there’s no prerequisite and there’s no penalty, why would they change anything and why would (the judge) want to be better at what he’s doing?”

The loss to Giles snapped a six-fight winning streak for Krause that dated back to a July 25, 2015 fight against Daron Cruickshank at Fight Night Chicago.

Krause stepped in to take the fight the day before the card when Antonio Arroyo was forced to withdraw.