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Take Onrait and O'Toole on the go as they offer their own take on the sports world! Check out the new and improved Jay and Dan Podcast.


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  • Oct 20

    Jay and Dan - Season 4 Ep. 7 - "for the Week of October 19th, 2020”

    Toilet Talk! The boys discuss what causes one not to flush, where the best public washrooms are, and investigate the decline of the padded toilet seat. TSN Hockey Analyst Ray Ferraro joins the pod to review each Canadian team's activity during Free Agency Frenzy. Canadian Olympic Skier Manuel Osborne-Paradis calls in to discuss his recent retirement from the sport, Canada's best kept secret skiing location, and peeing in a ski suit.

  • Oct 15

    Jay and Dan - Season 4 Ep. 6 - "for the Week of October 12th, 2020”

    The host of the Hockey Panel on TSN and friend of the pod James Duthie calls in to discuss his new book 'Beauties' as well as the incredibly produced accompanying podcast of the same name.  I mean the thing is just so well put together…anyways Jimmy tells the guys the inspiration behind the book, outlines the unique process of collecting stories, and details how it all came together.  As promised last week;  Engineer Jim drops by for a special Six Degrees of Separation in honour of Eddie Van Halen.

  • Oct 9

    Jay and Dan - Season 4 Ep. 5 - "for the Week of October 5th, 2020”

    A few days late but worth the wait.  Dan takes issue with missing emails, Jay suspects the night creatures of causing a power failure at work and the guys have a special announcement from McD's!  Friends of the pod Randy and Jason (Sklar Brothers!!) join the pod to discuss animals taking over the world, how they pissed off the NRA and find out an interesting fact about their friend Jon Hamm. 

  • Sep 29

    Jay and Dan - Season 4 Ep. 4 - "for the Week of September 28th, 2020”

    Jay seldom checks the weather before heading out, while Dr. Dan O'Toole salutes the farmers and goes off on quite the adventure.  TSN Sportscentre host Jermain Franklin joins the pod to discuss his humble beginnings in the industry, his fondest memories from his time in Calgary, and what it's been like coming back to work at the Toronto office.  The host of the HDOG POD, bidet enthusiast, and he of SC with Jay and Dan Stats Guy fame, Hound Dog Harrison joins the pod as promised and shares his passion.

  • Sep 22

    Jay and Dan - Season 4 Ep. 2 - "for the Week of September 14th, 2020”

    Dan yells at people in the street,  Jay goes poster shoppin' and the guys have a new idea for a podcast for seniors.  TSN's Basketball Analyst Jack Armstrong joins the pod to discuss the ending of the Raptors' playoff run, Nick Nurse's extension, reveals his favorite road city to travel to, and tells us who he believes is the greatest Raptors of all time.

  • Sep 10

    Jay and Dan - Season 4 Ep. 1 - "for the Week of September 7th, 2020”

    The guys discuss the reopening of schools and universities, Jay reveals what slime is made of, while Dan reveals that he almost became a chef.  TSN 1050's Jamie 'Noodles' McLennan joins the pod to discuss the quality of play in the postseason and consistency of officiating inside the NHL bubble, reminisce about Club Malibu, comment on the state of affairs between the citizens of BC and Alberta, and remark on the tightness of James Duthie's golf shirts. 

  • Sep 1

    Jay and Dan - Season 3 Ep. 52 - "for the Week of August 31st, 2020”

    Dan preaches hot button safety, shares his tinfoil secret, and brags about getting some leg back in the day.  Taggart and Torrens join the pod…just not at the same time.  Jono joins us from his picturesque property just long enough to ask Dan to consider the impact of a freshly warmed towel in the great towel debate.  Jeremy picks up right where his counterpart left off by reminiscing about above ground pools, classic concerts, and names his Mount Rushmore of bands. 

  • Aug 18

    Jay and Dan - Season 3 Ep. 50 - "for the Week of August 17th, 2020”

    Dan starts a book club, gives a thorough review of the Tik Tok app and we find out that Ron the Cat is quite a chatty cohost.  Former NHLer and friend of the pod Scottie Upshall joins us live from inside an elevator to share his thoughts on the NHL playoffs, why he feels the Flyers are missing out on the Montreal experience and explores creative ways to smuggle someone into the bubble.  Also; Check out Scottie's new podcast 'Missin Curfew'