The NBA announced its three All-NBA teams Thursday afternoon and Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson wasn't named to any of them. 

In front of the media assembled Thursday afternoon, Thompson was asked about the players who were named instead of him.

"I respect those guys." he said. "I'd rather win a championship than be [named] to [a] third-team All-NBA."

The six guards picked to the three All-NBA teams over Thompson were Steph Curry, James Harden, Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook and Kemba Walker.

Thompson added, "I mean, that's cool and all. But when you go to five-straight NBA Finals it takes more than a couple All-NBA guys." 

By failing to crack an All-NBA team this year, Thompson will now earn less money as a free agent this off-season. 

When asked how he felt about this decision affecting his next contract, Thompson said "It is what it is. I can't control it." 

Thompson wrapped up this thoughts on this subject by saying: "Do i think there's that many guards better than me in this league? No. But that's the reason why we're still playing."