Over the last 24 hours I’ve experienced an explosion in my Twitter feed in response to my Tweet which Angela Price referenced in her blog Wednesday morning. 

To explain, I will say this, which is what I communicated with Angela later that afternoon: My motivation was to share exciting and happy news with people who adore Carey and Angela, not a desire to manufacture a scoop.

I wouldn't normally Tweet that kind of information, but I was genuinely happy for a man whom I respect greatly for how he conducts himself as a professional and a person. Moreover, I admire what Carey stands for, especially when it comes to honouring his First Nations heritage and helping indigenous children and youth. Carey's Vezina Trophy acceptance speech in which he encouraged indigenous youth to follow their dreams was my favourite part of the NHL Awards.

I was also deeply moved by the video that chronicled Carey’s meeting with Trent, from their hometown of Anahim Lake, BC. If you haven’t seen the video in support of the Breakfast Club of Canada, I encourage you to take a few minutes out of your day to watch it. Carey’s pride in his roots resonates with me because I used to live and work in communities in northern Manitoba and North West Ontario that have high indigenous populations. Through those experiences I have developed a strong sensitivity to the rights of First Nations people.

This is where I hope to make amends to the Prices on some level, because although I apologized directly to Carey and Angela via private messages yesterday afternoon, I can’t undo a lapse in judgment that was borne out of a miscommunication between Carey and me on Tuesday night following the Canadiens’ win over the Blues.

It speaks volumes about how many people fiercely leapt to Angela’s defence in my Twitter replies, in addition to the scores who offered words of congratulations and joy in anticipation of the couple’s first child. But as thrilled as Carey and Angela are about bringing their own baby into this world, they care profoundly for children and youth who do not enjoy the same opportunities and good fortune with which their own son or daughter will be blessed for its entire life. For that reason, I strongly encourage all who read this to visit the website breakfastclubcanada.org. Please read about this cause which Carey and Angela champion and if you are so inspired, I urge you to make a donation like I did after viewing the afore-mentioned video a few months ago.

I think it’s great that so many people care enough about Carey and Angela that they would support them after an intrusion by the media (unintentional as it was), but those strong emotions are much better spent by focusing on positive action - by helping people whom the Prices care about and whose lives they are trying to improve.