One week ago, Paul MacLean put together a brand new line with Curtis Lazar in between Mike Hoffman and Mark Stone.

Instantly, the line had chemistry -- and an easy nickname.

"We were a line together for like 10 minutes and Twitter had already dubbed us 'The Kid Line'," Lazar told me this morning. "I guess the generic name for us right now is 'The Kid Line'. We'll see what sticks here. We are playing well together, so we will see what happen."

Lazar using the word "generic" to describe the line's nickname is pretty accurate because nobody has put any thought into finding a more creative name. Any time three young players are put together on a unit, they get dubbed 'The Kid Line'. In fact, the 'Kid Line' has been so overused that it actually has its own Wikipedia entry. The page points out that the name originated with the Toronto Maple Leafs of the 1930s, who had a line with Busher Jackson, Charlie Conacher and Joe Primeau.

The 'Kid Line' was later used to describe the Edmonton Oilers trio of Martin Gelinas, Adam Graves and Joe Murphy in their run to the Stanley Cup in 1990. It's also been used more recently to describe the Habs line of Galchenyuk, Gallagher and Eller -- and just about any combination of the Edmonton Oilers current top-six.

Mark Stone told me he doesn't have a big issue with the fact his line has been given such a generic name.

"Whatever people want to call us is fine by me. It's just cool to have a name I guess," he said. "I guess we are all pretty young, but it's tough to come up with a different name on the spot."

I even canvassed some other teammates for ideas today and came up empty. Mark Borowiecki says he grew up watching 'The Pizza Line' of Alfredsson, Spezza and Heatley - named because fans would get a free slice of pizza each time the club scored five goals on home ice. We even chatted about how that line was also referred to as 'The Cash Line' - for Captain Alfredsson, Spezza and Heatley. While that line had two potential names, Borowiecki was at a loss to come up with an alternative to 'The Kid Line'.

Mika Zibanejad put some thought into this matter this morning, but also came up empty handed. Zibanejad currently centres Alex Chiasson and Milan Michalek - the only line on this team that does have a quasi-nickname right now.

"I know they call us the 'Nines Line' because we have that number on our jerseys, but I can't even think of another connection for those young guys," said Zibabejad - who also pointed out he's trying to make Lazar's new nickname "Wonderboy".

Mike Hoffman did offer up one alternative name.

"Maybe we could go with 'The Rookie Line', since we are all starting in this league," Hoffman suggested this morning. But the main thing is that you just find guys that you enjoy playing with and work well together with. If we are young guys or older guys, it doesn't matter. At the end of the day, you just want to see your team win."

The problem with 'The Rookie Line' is what do you call them if they are together next season? Of course, this could also be a moot point if Paul MacLean - who has a penchant for juggling lines - decides to break up this trio in the near future.

All three players told me they have never been part of a line that had a nickname before - whether it was in pee-wee, juniors or the AHL. And it doesn't sound like they are resigned to the 'Kid Line' moniker, as they are open to any suggestions that are out there.

"We have been trying to come up with something. I've been trying to come up with clever stuff, but nothing comes to mind," Lazar said.