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MLB to experiment with 18-second pitch clock with runners in Arizona Fall League

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NEW YORK (AP) — Major League Baseball will experiment with an 18-second pitch clock with runners on base at the Arizona Fall League, which starts Monday.

The pitch clock was instituted in the major leagues this season at 15 seconds with no runners and 20 with runners.

The rule was outlined in a call Friday night among the commissioner's office, farm directors and AFL staff. The timer will reset immediately after a timeout rather than when a hitter approaches the batter's box.

In addition, umpires are being told to interpret a batter being in compliance with the runner's lane down the first-base line if both feet are within the dirt. Technically, the Official Baseball Rules call for both feet to be within the 3-foot box on the foul side of the line for the final 45 feet to first base.

Fielders also will be required to provide runners with a clear lane to bases.

The fall league of prospects runs through Nov. 11.