Check out TSN's full broadcast schedule for the NBA Season below.

**With the sports world affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, several TSN broadcasts have been postponed or cancelled. Check back for updates as they are made available.**


National Broadcast Schedule

Date Matchup Time (ET) Network
Thursday, January 2 Brooklyn at Dallas 8:30pm App
Thursday, January 2 Atlanta at Boston 7pm App
Friday, January 3 Philadelphia at Houston 8pm TSN1/3
Friday, January 3 New Orleans at LA Lakers 10:30pm TSN1/3
Saturday, January 4 San Antonio at Milwaukee 8:30pm TSN3
Sunday, January 5 New York at LA Clippers 3:30pm TSN2
Monday, January 6 Denver at Atlanta 7:30pm TSN5
Monday, January 6 Chicago at Dallas 8:30pm App
Monday, January 6 Golden State at Sacramento 10pm TSN5
Tuesday, January 7 New York at LA Lakers 10:30pm TSN1
Wednesday, January 8 Denver at Dallas 7:30pm TSN3/4/5
Wednesday, January 8 Houston at Atlanta 7:30pm App
Thursday, January 9 Boston at Philadelphia 7pm TSN5
Thursday, January 9 Houston at Oklahoma City 9:30pm TSN5
Friday, January 10 Miami at Brooklyn 7:30pm App
Friday, January 10 New Orleans at New York 7pm TSN2
Friday, January 10 LA Lakers at Dallas 8:30pm TSN2
Saturday, January 11 New Orleans at Boston 7pm TSN4
Saturday, January 11 LA Lakers at Oklahoma City 8pm App
Saturday, January 11 Milwaukee at Portland 10pm TSN4
Sunday, January 12 Miami at New York 3:30pm TSN2
Sunday, January 12 LA Clippers at Denver 8pm TSN2
Monday, January 13 Chicago at Boston 7:30pm App
Tuesday, January 14 Utah at Brooklyn 7:30pm TSN1/4
Tuesday, January 14 Dallas at Golden State 10:30pm TSN1
Wednesday, January 15 San Antonio at Miami 7:30pm App
Wednesday, January 15 Orlando as LA Lakers 10:30pm TSN1
Thursday, January 16 Boston at Milwaukee 8pm TSN1/3
Thursday, January 16 Denver at Golden State 10:30pm TSN1
Friday, January 17 Chicago at Philadelphia 7pm App
Friday, January 17 Portland at Dallas 9:30pm TSN1
Saturday, January 18 LA Clippers at New Orleans 3:30pm TSN1
Saturday, January 18 Milwaukee at Brooklyn 6pm TSN1
Saturday, January 18 LA Lakers at Houston 8:30pm TSN1
Saturday, January 18 Portland at Oklahoma City 9pm App
Sunday, January 19 Indiana at Denver 8pm TSN5
Monday, January 20 New Orleans at Memphis 5pm TSN4/5
Monday, January 20 Oklahoma City at Houston 5pm App
Monday, January 20 LA Lakers at Boston 7:30pm TSN4/5
Monday, January 20 Denver at Minnesota 8pm App
Monday, January 20 Golden State at Portland 10pm TSN4/5
Tuesday, January 21 LA Clippers at Dallas 8:30pm TSN4
Thursday, January 23 LA Lakers at Brooklyn 8pm TSN4/5
Thursday, January 23 Dallas at Portland 10:30pm TSN4
Friday, January 24 Boston at Orlando 7pm App
Friday, January 24 LA Clippers at Miami 8pm TSN4
Saturday, January 25 LA Lakers at Philadelphia 8:30pm TSN2
Sunday, January 26 Houston at Denver 3:30pm App
Sunday, January 26 Boston at New Orleans 18:00 TSN5
Wednesday, January 29 Memphis at New York 7:30pm TSN4/5
Thursday, January 30 Philadelphia at Atlanta 7:30pm App
Thursday, January 30 Golden State at Boston 8pm TSN1/3/4
Thursday, January 30 Sacramento at LA Clippers 10:30pm TSN3
Friday, January 31 Chicago at Brooklyn 7:30pm App
Friday, January 31 Dallas at Houston 7:30pm TSN1
Friday, January 31 Portland at LA Lakers 10pm TSN1/4/5
Saturday, February 1 Minnesota at LA Clippers 3:30pm TSN3
Saturday, February 1 Philadelphia at Boston 8:30pm TSN1/4
Saturday, February 1 Atlanta at Dallas 8:30pm App
Saturday, February 1 LA Lakers at Sacramento 10pm App
Sunday, February 2 Denver at Detroit 12:30pm TSN5
Monday, February 3 Philadelphia at Miami 7:30pm TSN1/5
Monday, February 3 San Antonio as LA Clippers 10:30pm TSN5
Tuesday, February 4 Milwaukee at New Orleans 7:30pm TSN1/4
Tuesday, February 4 San Antonio at LA Lakers 10pm TSN1
Wednesday, February 5 Miami at LA Clippers 10pm TSN5
Thursday, February 6 New Orleans at Chicago 8pm App
Thursday, February 6 Philadelphia at Milwaukee 8pm TSN1/4
Thursday, February 6 Houston at LA Lakers 10:30pm TSN1
Friday, February 7 Dallas at Washington 7pm App
Friday, February 7 Atlanta at Boston 7:30pm TSN1/4/5
Friday, February 7 Portland at Utah 10:30pm TSN1
Saturday, February 8 Milwaukee at Orlando 5pm TSN1
Saturday, February 8 New Orleans at Indiana 7:30pm App
Saturday, February 8 San Antonio at Sacramento 10pm TSN1
Sunday, February 9 Utah at Houston 7pm TSN4/5
Sunday, February 9 LA Clippers at Cleveland 7:30pm App
Monday, February 10 Brooklyn at Indiana 7pm App
Monday, February 10 Utah at Dallas 8:30pm TSN1/3
Tuesday, February 11 San Antonio at Oklahoma City 8pm App
Tuesday, February 11 Portland at New Orleans 8pm TSN1
Wednesday, February 12 Milwaukee at Indiana 7:30pm App
Wednesday, February 12 Miami at Utah 9pm App
Wednesday, February 12 LA Lakers at Denver 10pm TSN1
Thursday, February 13 Oklahoma City at New Orleans 8pm TSN3
Sunday, February 16 NBA All-Star Game 7pm TSN1/4/5 
Friday, February 21 Denver at Oklahoma City 8pm App
Friday, February 21 Memphis at LA Lakers 10:30pm App
Friday, February 21 New Orleans at Portland 10:30pm TSN5
Saturday, February 22 Sacramento at LA Clippers 3:30pm App
Saturday, February 22 Philadelphia at Milwaukee 8:30pm TSN2
Sunday, February 23 Boston at LA Lakers 3:30pm TSN4
Sunday, February 23 San Antonio at Oklahoma City 7pm App
Monday, February 24 Minnesota at Dallas 8:30pm TSN1
Tuesday, February 25 New Orleans at LA Lakers 10pm TSN3
Wednesday, February 26 Memphis at Houston 8pm TSN1/4
Wednesday, February 26 Boston at Utah 10:30pm TSN1
Thursday, February 27 LA Lakers at Golden State 10:30pm TSN5
Friday, February 28 Dallas at Miami 8pm App
Saturday, February 29 LA Lakers at Memphis 8pm App
Sunday, March 1 Philadelphia at LA Clippers 3pm TSN2
Sunday, March 1 Dallas at Minnesota 3:30pm App
Sunday, March 1 LA Lakers at New Orleans 8pm TSN3
Monday, March 2 Milwaukee at Miami 7:30pm TSN2
Tuesday, March 3 Brooklyn at Boston 7:30pm App
Tuesday, March 3 Philadelphia at LA Lakers 10pm App
Thursday, March 5 LA Clippers at Houston 8pm TSN4
Friday, March 6 Miami at New Orleans 8pm App
Saturday, March 7 Philadelphia at Golden State 8:30pm TSN2
Sunday, March 8 LA Lakers at LA Clippers 3:30pm TSN4
Sunday, March 8 Indiana vs. Dallas 7pm App
Tuesday, March 10 Boston at Indiana 7pm TSN3
Tuesday, March 10 Brooklyn at LA Lakers 10:30pm TSN3
Tuesday, March 10 Minnesota at Houston 8pm App
Wednesday, March 11 Charlotte at Miami 7:30pm TSN5
Wednesday, March 11 Utah at Oklahoma City 8pm App
Thursday, March 12 Chicago at Orlando 7pm TSN5
Thursday, March 12 Brooklyn at Golden State 10:30pm TSN5
Friday, March 13 New Orleans at Utah 9pm TSN2
Saturday, March 14 Indiana at Philadelphia 7:30pm App
Monday, March 16 Miami at Milwaukee 8pm App
Monday, March 16 Dallas at LA Clippers 10:30pm TSN5
Tuesday, March 17 Oklahoma City at Memphis 8pm App
Saturday, March 21 LA Lakers at Charlotte 7pm App
Sunday, March 22 LA Lakers at Detroit 7pm App
Monday, March 23 LA Clippers at New York 7pm TSN
Tuesday, March 24 San Antonio at Utah 10pm TSN
Wednesday, March 25 Atlanta at Golden State 10:30pm TSN
Thursday, March 26 LA Lakers at Cleveland 7pm App
Friday, March 27 New York at New Orleans 7pm App
Saturday, March 28 LA Lakers at Washington 8pm App
Sunday, March 29 Portland at Philadelphia 7:30pm App
Monday, March 30 LA Lakers at Minnesota 8pm App
Tuesday, March 31 Denver at Golden State 10pm TSN
Wednesday, April 1 Miami at Boston 7:30pm App
Wednesday, April 1 Indiana at LA Lakers 10:30pm App
Thursday, April 2 Utah at Portland 10:30pm TSN
Sunday, April 5 Dallas at Brooklyn 6pm App
Tuesday, April 7 Milwaukee at Philadelphia 7:30pm TSN
Tuesday, April 7 LA Clippers at Utah 10pm TSN
Wednesday, April 8 San Antonio at Houston 9:30pm TSN
Thursday, April 9 Brooklyn at Milwaukee 8pm TSN
Thursday, April 9 Golden State at LA Lakers 10:30pm TSN
Monday, April 13 Boston at Detroit 7pm TSN
Monday, April 13 Dallas at Denver 9pm TSN
Monday, April 13 Portland at Golden State 10:30pm TSN
Tuesday, April 14 Denver at Utah 10pm TSN
Wednesday, April 15 Golden State at Sacramento 10pm TSN
Wednesday, April 15 LA Clippers at Portland 10pm TSN

Schedule subject to change