Catch the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas from July 8-17 on TSN.


NBA Summer League on TSN

Date Time (ET) Matchup TSN Network
Wednesday, July 6 7pm Grizzlies vs. Thunder TSN5
Wednesday, July 6 9pm 76ers vs. Jazz TSN5
Thursday, July 7 10pm Rockets vs. Magic TSN5
Thursday night, July 7 Midnight Trail Blazers vs. Pistons TSN5
Friday, July 8 6pm Hornets vs. Pacers TSN5
Saturday, July 9 4pm Magic vs. Kings TSN3
Sunday, July 10 3pm Pacers vs. Kings TSN1
Sunday, July 10 5pm Bulls vs. Knicks TSN2
Monday, July 11 7pm Rockets vs. Spurs TSN4
Monday, July 11 9pm Magic vs. Thunder TSN4
Monday, July 11 11pm Knicks vs. Trail Blazers TSN4
Tuesday, July 12 8:30pm Celtics vs. Warriors TSN5
Tuesday, July 12 10:30pm Suns vs. Mavericks TSN3/5
Wednesday, July 13 7pm Raptors vs. Jazz TSN3/5
Wednesday, July 13 9pm Heat vs. 76ers TSN3/5
Thursday, July 14 4pm Hawks vs. Spurs TSN2
Thursday, July 14 6pm Hornets vs. Bulls TSN2
Thursday, July 14 8pm Mavericks vs. Bucks TSN2
Thursday, July 14 10pm Nets vs. Timberwolves TSN2
Friday, July 15 5pm Clippers vs. Jazz TSN5
Friday, July 15 10pm Heat vs. Raptors TSN2
Saturday, July 16 6pm Playoffs - Grizzlies vs. Spurs TSN2
Saturday, July 16 8pm Playoffs - Nets vs. Celtics TSN2
Saturday, July 16 10pm Playoffs - Lakers vs. Mavericks TSN2
Sunday, July 17 3pm Final - Trail Blazers vs. Knicks TSN4
Sunday, July 17 4pm Bucks vs. Raptors TSN2


*Schedule subject to change