Starting pitcher Andrew Cashner had a dismal 2018 season, but things have been a lot better this time around. 

He's been one of the few bright spots for a struggling Baltimore Orioles team, entering play Friday with a 4-2 record and an earned run average of 4.14. Last year, he won four games the entire year and had an ERA of 5.29. The improvement has been noticeable, and according to The Athletic's Dan Connolly, he could play his way onto the trade market.

But he doesn't want to go anywhere. 

“I wish I had a no-trade clause,” Cashner told The Athletic's Dan Connolly. “But it’s all part of where you’re at (in your career). And, I think, once something comes (on the trade front), I’ll have to sit down with my family and decide what’s best for me.”

As Connolly notes, Cashner could, in theory, refuse a trade and head home before beginning to search for a new team in the off-season. 

“I haven’t thought about it too much. At the end of the day, I kind of control what I want to do. Whether I want to go, whether I want to stay,” Cashner said. “I’d just have to sit down with my family and find out what’s best for us.”

Cashner's deal carries a $10 million team option that kicks in automatically if he pitches 340 combined innings in 2018 and 2019. With 153.0 in the books from last year, he could reach the mark if he continues to perform. 

At 15, the Orioles have the fewest wins in all of baseball but that hasn't stopped Cashner from enjoying his surroundings. 

“But, for me, I’m really enjoying our coaching staff and I enjoy all the guys in the locker room. So, I think, for me, it’s just about enjoying each day because you never know when it is going to end.”

The 32-year-old has played for the Chicago Cubs, San Diego Padres, Miami Marlins and Texas Rangers before signing with the Orioles prior to the start of last season. 

Baltimore will visit the Colorado Rockies for a three-game set at Coors Field this weekend.