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Can an NFL team still win a Super Bowl while paying their QB about a quarter of their cap?




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    Jul 10, 2019

    Burris: Redblacks can't rest on the Alouettes

    Football analyst Henry Burris says the Alouettes are coming to Ottawa hot, need to expect some struggles on offense, defenses learning Dominique Davis' tendencies and the CFL East.

    Football analyst Henry Burris

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    • 8h ago

      The Drive - Hour 3

      Need to know basis, Patrick Mahomes signing a 10 year deal worth more than $500 million, Trivia, Brent Sobleski joins the show and athletes you'd give 10 year contracts.

    • 10h ago

      The Drive - Hour 1

      Patrick Mahomes signing a 10 year deal worth more than $500 million, Which athletes would you sign to a 10 year deal, Trivia and the MLS dealing coronavirus outbreaks.

    • 12h ago

      In The Box - Hour 3

      Steve and AJ discuss the NBA's Return to Play plan, and whether all the teams are going to be able to take part. The guys also talk about Pat Mahomes' contract, and get in some movie talk

    • 13h ago

      In The Box - Hour 2

      In hour two of the show, the guys talk about whether players might opt out of return to play over Covid concerns. They also talk about DeSean Jackson's hateful tweets, and get side tracked by a conversation about good looking men

    • 14h ago

      In The Box - Hour 1

      Steve and AJ talk about Pat Mahomes' record setting contract with KC. There's also a lot of soccer talk, about where the MLS slots in compared to other leagues around the world. The guys are also joined by Scott Mitchell to talk MLB and the Jays

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