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A New Way To Get TSN. All You Need Is Internet


A New Way To Get TSN. All You Need Is Internet




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$10,000 Summer Selfie


1. The $10,000 Summer Selfie contest (the “Contest”) is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are completely released of all liability by each entrant in this Contest. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the Contest must be directed to the Contest Sponsors and not Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You may only use one (1) personal Facebook account, one (1) personal Twitter account or one (1) personal Instagram account to participate in this Contest. To enter the Contest, you will need to sign up for a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account if you don’t already have one. Signing up for an account is free. To sign up for a Facebook account, visit www.facebook.com and follow the onscreen instructions. To sign up for a Twitter account, visit www.twitter.com and follow the onscreen instructions. To sign up for an Instagram account, visit www.instagram.com and follow the onscreen instructions.


2. The Contest is being conducted by Bell Media Inc. and its participating stations listed on Schedule A attached hereto (collectively, the “Stations” and each, a “Station”). (Bell Media Inc. shall collectively be referred to herein as the “Contest Sponsors”). A copy of these Rules is available on each of the participating Stations’ websites (the “Stations’ Websites”) set out in Schedule A.

3. The Contest entry period begins at 6:00 a.m. Central Time (“CT”) on May 18, 2018 and closes at 12:00 p.m. CT on August 30, 2018 (the “Entry Period”). No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited.

4. ELIGIBILITY. To enter the Contest, you (each, an “Entrant”) must be a legal resident of Manitoba, be eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of entry. Employees and their parents, siblings and children, and persons domiciled with an employee of the Contest Sponsors, their agents, parent, affiliated or related companies, subsidiaries, divisions, prize sponsors, and promotional and advertising agencies and administrators, are ineligible to enter.

5. HOW TO ENTER. During the Entry Period, log in into either your personal Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account and upload a unique and original photo of yourself (the “Summer Selfie”) respecting the criteria detailed at paragraph 13 below. The Summer Selfie must comply with the Photo Guidelines provided below and must include the hashtag “#10KSummerSelfie” in the caption You must ensure your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account settings allows for public viewing of your Summer Selfie so that the Contest Sponsors may register your entry. If your Summer Selfie is submitted and received during the Entry Period in accordance with these Rules, as determined by the Contest Sponsors in their sole and absolute discretion, you will be eligible to receive one (1) entry (each an “Entry”).

6. An Entrant may enter more than one (1) Summer Selfie throughout the Entry Period; however, an Entrant may not enter the same Summer Selfie more than once throughout the Entry Period. If it is discovered by the Contest Sponsors (using any evidence or other information made available to or otherwise discovered by the Contest Sponsors) that any Entrant has attempted to: (i) exceed the foregoing limit on entries; and/or (ii) use multiple names, identities, email addresses and/or any automated, macro, script, robotic or other system(s) or program(s) to enter or otherwise participate in or to disrupt this Contest; then he/she may be disqualified from the Contest in the sole and absolute discretion of the Contest Sponsors. An Entry may be rejected if (in the sole and absolute discretion of the Contest Sponsors) the Entry is not fully completed with all required information and submitted and received in accordance with these Rules during the Entry Period. The Contest Sponsors are not responsible for late, lost, misdirected, delayed, incomplete or incompatible Entries (all of which are void). All Entries are subject to verification at any time and for any reason. The sole determinant of the time for the purposes of this Contest will be the Contest server machine(s). The Contest Sponsors reserve the right to reject and disqualify any Entry if they discover that any information provided is either false or fraudulent (as determined by the Contest Sponsors in their sole and absolute discretion). The Contest Sponsors reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to reject any entry of any Summer Selfie that the Contest Sponsors deem not to be in keeping with the policies, goals and/or guiding principles of the Contest, or that the Contest Sponsors learn has been previously published, entered into any other contest, and/or won any other prize/award. In the event of a dispute, entries shall be deemed to be submitted by the "Authorized Account Holder" of the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account used to submit the Entry. "Authorized Account Holder" is defined as the natural person to whom is assigned the social media account. You agree to the privacy policies and terms of use of Facebook (available at www.facebook.com), Twitter (available at www.twitter.com) and Instagram (available at www.instagram.com) and are solely responsible for ensuring that you comply with them at all times while participating in the Contest.

7. IMPORTANT NOTE: The Contest Sponsors reserve the right at any time, in their sole and absolute discretion, to require proof, in form and substance satisfactory to the Contest Sponsors within the timeframe specified by the Contest Sponsors that: (i) confirms that the Entrant and the Summer Selfie meet all of the applicable requirements specified in these Rules; (ii) the Entrant has all necessary permissions and authorizations as required pursuant to these Rules including permission from all persons (or from a parent or legal guardian if such person is a minor) appearing in the Summer Selfie; and/or (iii) is required for any other reason that the Contest Sponsors deem necessary, in their sole and absolute discretion for the purposes of administering this Contest in accordance with these Rules, or for any other reason. Failure to provide such proof to the complete satisfaction of the Contest Sponsors within the timeline specified may result in disqualification in the sole and absolute discretion of the Contest Sponsors.

8. The Contest Sponsors may post and/or broadcast on air on one of the participating Stations any Summer Selfie submitted as set forth in these Rules. Any Summer Selfie that the Contest Sponsors deem, at any time, violates the terms and conditions set forth in these Rules, as determined by the Contest Sponsors in their sole and absolute discretion, may be taken down. Prior to being posted or aired, the Contest Sponsors reserve the right, in their sole and absolute discretion, to edit or modify any Summer Selfie, or to request an Entrant to modify, edit and/or re-submit his or her Summer Selfie, in order to ensure that the Summer Selfie complies with these Rules, including the Photo Requirements, or for any other reason.

GRAND PRIZE. There is one (1) grand prize available to be won (the “Grand Prize”) consisting of five thousand dollars ($5,000) CAD.
SECONDARY PRIZES. There are four (4) secondary prizes (each, a “Secondary Prize”) available to be won, each consisting of one thousand dollars ($1,000) CAD.
Collectively, the Grand Prize and the Secondary Prizes shall be referred to as “Prizes”, each, a “Prize”. The Prizes will be remitted in the form of a cheque made payable to the winners. Prizes must be accepted as awarded. The Prizes may not be substituted or transferred except at the sole discretion of the Contest Sponsors.

10. WINNER SELECTION. On September 4, 2018, a panel of judges appointed by the Contest Sponsors and formed by representatives of the Stations (the “Judges”) will review all eligible Summer Selfies received during the Entry Period. The Judges will review and assign a score (from 1-10) to each Summer Selfie on the basis of the following criteria: (i) creativity, (ii) originality, (iii) effectiveness of how the selfie showcases summer fun, and (iv) overall effort. The six (6) Entrants whose Summer Selfies receive the highest score will be selected as potential winners. The Summer Selfie that obtains the highest score will be deemed the Grand Prize winner and the five (5) remaining Summer Selfies will each be deemed the Secondary Prize winners. In the event of a tie, the Summer Selfie (from among the tied Summer Selfies) that scored higher on effectiveness of how it showcases
summer fun (criteria (iii) above) shall be deemed to have obtained the higher score. The odds of winning will depend on the total number of eligible Entries received during the Entry Period and the caliber of the Summer Selfies associated with such Entries on the basis of the above judging criteria. Judging is scheduled to be completed by September 4, 2018 (the “Selection Date”).

11. Bell Media Inc., acting reasonably, will attempt to contact the potential winners by telephone within three (3) business days after the Selection Date. In the event that a potential winner cannot be contacted within three (3) business days after the Selection Date, such potential winner will be disqualified and the Contest Sponsors shall be fully and completely released and discharged from any liability or responsibility in this regard and the Contest Sponsors may select the Entrant associated with the Summer Selfie that obtained the next highest score as an alternate potential winner at their sole discretion (in which case, the foregoing provisions of this section shall apply to such new potential winner). Proof of identification must be provided upon request. In order to be declared the winner, the potential winner must first correctly answer, unaided, a time limited mathematical skill testing question administered by Bell Media Inc.

12. Before being awarded a Prize, each potential winner must sign and return within the time stipulated by the Contest Sponsors a declaration and release prepared by the Contest Sponsors, which, among other things: (i) confirms compliance with these Rules; (ii) agrees to release the Contest Sponsors, their officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, successors and assigns (collectively, the “Released Parties”) from any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses arising from any liability in connection with this Contest and/or his/her participation therein; (iii) grants to the Contest Sponsors, in perpetuity, a royalty-free, transferable license to use, reproduce and otherwise exploit all or any portion of his/her Summer Selfie for any purpose whatsoever and waives his/her moral rights therein; (iv) agrees to indemnify the Released Parties against any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses arising from use of his/her Summer Selfie including, without limitation, any claim that his/her Summer Selfie infringes a proprietary interest of any third party; and (v) agrees to the publication, reproduction and/or other use of his/her name, address, voice, statements about the Contest and/or photograph or other likeness without further notice or compensation, in any publicity or advertisement carried out by or on behalf of the Contest Sponsors in any manner whatsoever, including print, broadcast or the internet. If a potential winner: (a) fails to correctly answer the skill-testing question; (b) fails to return the properly executed Contest documents within the specified time; and/or (c) cannot be a declared winner in accordance with these Rules for any reason; then he/she will be disqualified (and will forfeit all rights to be a winner) and the Contest Sponsors reserve the right, in their sole and absolute discretion, to select the Entrant whose Summer Selfie received the second highest score during the judging period to be an eligible winner (in which case the foregoing provisions of this section shall apply to such new eligible winner).

13. PHOTO GUIDELINES: The Summer Selfie submitted must be a selfie in the sense that it must be a self-portrait photograph, taken with a digital camera or camera phone held in the hand or supported by a selfie stick. Summer Selfies must be original and not include any third party’s proprietary content, including trade-marks or copyrighted content. Contest Sponsors, in their sole discretion, may disqualify any Entrant who uses third party proprietary content, at any time. Contest Sponsors further reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to edit any Summer Selfie to blur out any trade-marks or to remove any copyrighted content. Contest Sponsors reserve the right to disqualify any Summer Selfies that involve anything illegal, potentially or actually dangerous or harmful or containing any element of physical risk, at any time. Any Summer Selfie that involves a third party that does not choose to be part of the Summer Selfie may also be disqualified. Summer Selfies must not include any illegal, defamatory or in any way obscene content. Summer Selfies cannot be a parody or derogatory. Summer Selfies remain the property of the Entrant, however by entering this Contest, each Entrant (i) represents and warrants that his/her Summer Selfie is his or her original work and does not infringe on any third party’s copyright, trade-mark or other intellectual property rights, (ii) represents and warrants that he/she has all necessary rights from any third party that appears, or is mentioned, in the Summer Selfie, including those from the parent or legal guardian if third party is under the age of majority; (iii) grants the Contest Sponsors, an unlimited, royalty free, irrevocable, right and license to reproduce, post and/or broadcast the Summer Selfie in any form of media now known or hereinafter developed, including, without limitation, on the Stations’ websites, the Stations’ networking pages, on CTV and/or 103.1 Virgin Radio, 99.9 BOB FM, TSN 1290; (iv) waives all moral rights in the Summer Selfie in favour of the Contest Sponsors; (v) agrees to release, indemnify, discharge and hold harmless the Released Parties from any claim or liability arising from or related to the Summer Selfie and/or his/her participation in this Contest; and (vi) consents to the publication and/or use, in any medium of the Entrant’s Summer Selfie, name, city of residence, photograph and/or image for publicity purposes carried out by the Contest Sponsors and/or their advertising and promotional agencies without payment or compensation of any kind. Summer Selfies may be showcased by Contest Sponsors on a public viewing gallery, including without limitation, on the Contest Website. Contest Sponsors assume no responsibility for any claims against infringement of the right of privacy with respect to any Summer Selfie.

14. By entering this Contest, the entrants and participants automatically agree to accept and abide by these Rules. All decisions of the Contest Sponsors and the Judges with respect to any aspect of this Contest including, without limitation, the eligibility of Entries, are final and binding on all entrants in all matters as they relate to this Contest.

15. All Entries become property of Contest Sponsors who will who assume no responsibility for garbled, lost, late, delayed, destroyed or misdirected Entries, votes, email or any computer errors or malfunctions. Contest Sponsors do not assume any responsibility for incorrect or inaccurate capture of Entry, technical malfunctions, human error which may occur in the processing of the Entries in this Contest, or technical error, seeding or printing errors, lost, delayed or garbled data or transmissions, omission, interruption, deletion, defect or failures of any telephone or computer line or network, computer equipment, software or any combination thereof. Entry materials or data that have been tampered with or altered are void. If for any reason, in the opinion of the Contest Sponsors, in their sole discretion, the Contest is not capable of running as originally planned, or if the administration, security, fairness, integrity or the proper conduct of the Contest is corrupted or adversely affected, including by reason of tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures or any other causes beyond their control, Contest Sponsors reserve their right to cancel, terminate, modify, amend, extend or suspend the Contest. Contest Sponsors reserve their right to modify the Rules without materially affecting the terms and conditions hereof. The Contest Sponsors reserve their right in their sole discretion to disqualify any Entrant they find to be tampering with the entry process or the operation of the Contest or to be acting in violation of the Rules or otherwise in a disruptive manner. Any attempts to deliberately damage the Stations’ Websites or to undermine the legitimate operation of this Contest is a violation of criminal and civil laws and should such an attempt be made the Contest Sponsors reserve their right to seek remedies and damages to the fullest extent of the law. Contest Sponsors shall not be held responsible for any errors or negligence that may arise or occur in connection with the Contest including any damage to an entrant’s computer equipment, system, software or any combination thereof, from downloading any material from the Stations’ Websites.

16. Contest is subject to all applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations. By entering this Contest each entrant consents to the collection, use and distribution of his or her personal information (information that identifies an entrant as an individual, such as home telephone number, age and home address) by the Contest Sponsors for the purposes of implementing, administering and fulfilling this Contest. Contest Sponsors will not sell or transmit this information to third parties except for the purposes of administering this Contest. By entering the Contest, entrants consent to the manner of collection, use and disclosure of personal information as set out in Bell Media Inc.'s Privacy Policy, which is available at www.bellmedia.ca/about/Media_Privacy.page. Any inquiry concerning the personal information held by the Contest Sponsors should be addressed to Bell Media Inc. at CTV Winnipeg, 400-345 Graham Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R3C 5S6.

17. In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the terms and conditions of the Contest Rules and disclosures or other statements contained in any Contest related materials, including but not limited to the Contest entry form, or point of sale, radio, television, print or online advertising, the terms and conditions of these Contest Rules shall prevail, govern and control.

18. All intellectual property, including but not limited to trade-marks, trade-names, logos, designs, promotional materials, web pages, source codes, drawings, illustrations, slogans and representations are owned by the Contest Sponsors and/or their affiliates. All rights are reserved. Unauthorized copying or use of any copyrighted material or intellectual property without the express written consent of its owner is strictly prohibited.