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    When Karsen was born February 24th, 2016, his parents noticed that he had a hard time breathing. He was raced into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where it was discovered that both of his lungs had collapsed. It was later determined that he had a kidney disease. His parents were shocked and terrified.

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    Currently, Karsen has just begun dialysis. His parents hope that by the time he reaches the age of 3, he’ll be able to get a kidney transplant. Until that time, they keep their bags packed, in case they need to rush him back to the hospital.


    Karsen’s parents indicate that he wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the caring and compassion of The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba and donors like you. 

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    Donations collected by Bath Fitter and our ‘Caring For Kids’ program can help to support sick children like Karsen, along with the many other children cared for throughout the year by The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. Donations buy equipment. Donations fund research. Donations support the special services that give extra care to families of children in danger. Donations bring hope to hundreds of Manitobans each year.


    One text message could make a world of difference today! Please consider showing your support today!


    For more information on Karsen and to donate directly on-line, click here.     


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