NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is still on track to receiving a contract extension, reports ESPN's Adam Schefter, who cites a source that says the extension is "getting papered right now".

Schefter's source adds that the deal could take days or even weeks to finalize, but it's "getting done".

"It's done from ownership perspective," the source said, adding that the committee "wouldn't approve something that Roger wouldn't agree to."

Recently, it was reported that Goodell would have already been extended if it were not for Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who reportedly was halting the negotiations.

Jones has denied impeding the potential extension, but Schefter's source told the ESPN NFL insider that Jones did in fact raise issues about the deal for Goodell and wanted to open up the search during the process.

ESPN reports that Jones has been trying to persuade his fellow NFL team owners for months that Goodell makes too much money, and that the Cowboys owner also demanded that the salary of the commissioner, as well as other employees in the league office, be trimmed.

Schefter's source said that Jones' points were shut down.

Goodell's current deal as commissioner expires in 2019. Per ESPN, Goodell was paid $34.1 million in 2014 and $32 million in 2015 for his services as commissioner.