The odds of New York Yankees star closing pitcher Aroldis Chapman opting out of the final two years of his current contract at the end of the 2019 season are reportedly very high.

A player who has a friendly relationship with Chapman told The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal that he predicts that Chapman is “one million per cent” going to opt out at the end of the season.

By opting out, the 32-year-old would forfeit the remaining $30 million guarantee in the final two years of his deal. Rosenthal points out that the Yankees could make the six-time all-star a qualifying offer, but Chapman would reasonably be able to get more than $30 million on the free-agent market.

Chapman, who has registered a 2.45 ERA this season, has been a member of the Yankees since 2017. He also played on the team on a separate stint in 2016 and has spent time with the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs as well.

Chapman helped the Cubs end a 108-year World Series title drought when the club won the championship in 2016.