The Basketball Tournament is an open, single elimination tournament held each year in the United States.

Check out TSN's full broadcast schedule for the The Basketball Tournament below:


The Basketball Tournament Schedule

Date Time Matchup TSN Network
Saturday, July 4 3pm/Noon Big X vs Jackson TSN2
Saturday, July 4 5pm/2pm Brotherly Love vs Stillwater Stars (Oklahoma St) TSN2
Saturday, July 4 8pm/5pm House of 'Paign (Illinois) vs War Tampa TSN2
Saturday, July 4 10pm/7pm Team CP3 vs Mid American Unity TSN2
Sunday, July 5 2pm/11am Jimmy V vs. Herd That (Marshall) TSN2
Sunday, July 5 4pm/1pm Team Hines vs Sideline Cancer TSN2
Sunday, July 5 7pm/4pm Heartfire vs Men of Mackey (Purdue) TSN2
Sunday, July 5 9pm/6pm Armored Athlete vs Power of the Paw (Clemson) TSN2
Monday, July 6 7pm/4pm Eberlein Drive vs Brotherly Love TSN5
Monday, July 6 9pm/6pm Golden Eagles (Marquette) vs Team CP3 TSN5
Tuesday, July 7 2pm/11am Challenge ALS vs Sideline Cancer TSN5
Tuesday, July 7 4pm/1pm Boeheim's Army (Syracuse) vs Men of Mackey (Purdue) TSN5
Wednesday, July 8 2pm/11am Red Scare (Dayton) vs Big X TSN5
Wednesday, July 8 4pm/1pm Carmen's Crew (Ohio State) vs House of 'Paign (Illinois) TSN5
Thursday, July 9 2pm/11am The Money Team vs Herd That (Marshall) TSN5
Thursday, July 9 4pm/1pm Overseas Elite vs Armored Athlete TSN5
Friday, July 10 2pm/11am QFs: Golden Eagles (Marquette) vs Brotherly Love TSN5
Friday, July 10 4pm/1pm QFs: House of 'Paign (Illinois) vs. Red Scare (Dayton) TSN5
Saturday, July 11 2pm/11am QFs: Overseas Elite vs. Herd That (Marshall) TSN4
Saturday, July 11 4pm/1pm QFs: Boeheim's Army (Syracuse) vs. Sideline Cancer TSN4
Sunday, July 12 2pm/11am Semifinals TSN2
Sunday, July 12 4pm/1pm Semifinals TSN2
Tuesday, July 14 7pm/4pm Final TSN3


Schedule subject to change