New York Libery's head coach Walt Hopkins has some words for the refs following Thursday night's single-elimination game loss against the Phoenix Mercury, which was nothing short of a thriller as the game went down to the last milliseconds. 

There was one person, however, that wasn't pleased with how the night went -- New York Liberty coach Walt Hopkins. As the game wound down with 0.4 seconds in the fourth quarter, the Phoenix Mercury held a 1-point lead with the Liberty possessing the ball in hopes of Ionescu nailing one of her infamous buzzer-beater shots. Some debate that the refs no-called a foul call on that last desperate shot, though Hopkins didn't call out that one specifically, he did say that, in general, the Liberty got the short end of the stick, both in this game and all season long.

“There are a lot of things I want to say about the officiating in the WNBA and about the lack of respect this team’s gotten all season, but I can’t say that because referees are above reproach. They don’t have to go to a press conference after games. They don’t have to explain the mistakes they made, why they did what they do."

“I don’t know where the accountability’s gonna come from, but it needs to happen. It was a bad season. The way they treated us was bad.”

The Liberty got called for 22 fouls, while the Mercury were fouled just 15 times on Thursday night and the Pheonix Mercury advanced in the playoffs into the second round, where the'll play another single-elimination game at fourth-seeded Seattle on Sunday.