Check out TSN's full broadcast schedule for the Toronto Raptors.


Raptors National Broadcast Schedule

Date Time (ET) Away Home Network Pre-Game
Thursday, March 11  7:30pm Hawks Raptors TSN5 7pm 
Sunday, March 14   9pm Raptors Bulls TSN4/5  
Wednesday, March 17  7pm Raptors Pistons TSN4  
Wednesday, March 24 7:30pm Nuggets Raptors TSN4  7pm
Wednesday, March 31 8pm Raptors Thunder TSN1/4/5 7:30pm
Tuesday, April 6 7:30pm Lakers Raptors TSN4/5  7pm
Thursday, April 8 7:30pm Bulls Raptors TSN4  
Tuesday, April 13 7:30pm Hawks Raptors TSN 7pm
Wednesday, April 14 7:30pm Spurs Raptors TSN1/4 7pm
 Friday, April 16 7:30pm Magic Raptors TSN1/4/5 7pm
 Wednesday, April 21  7pm Nets Raptors TSN1/4  
Monday, April 26  7:30pm Cavaliers Raptors TSN4  7pm
Tuesday, May 4  10pm Raptors Clippers TSN  9:30pm
Saturday, May 8  7:30pm Grizzlies Raptors TSN  7pm
Thursday, May 13 8pm Raptors  Bulls TSN  7:30pm
Friday, May 14  9pm Raptors Mavericks TSN  8:30pm
Sunday, May 16 TBD Pacers Raptors TSN TBD