TSN 1260 is Edmonton's Most Interactive Radio Station! And now we have made it even easier to get in contact with your favorite radio station instantly!

Using 101260, you can chat with your favourite TSN 1260 hosts, win great prizes and more... all without ever getting a busy signal.

Tell us whats on your mind!

All you have to do is Text : 101260
Standard rates apply to text inquiries

How TO Send a message to the announcer:

Hi, your show is very cool!

Upon reception of your SMS, you will receive something that could read like this:
Thanks for chatting with us live on TSN 1260! Send us a txt anytime, and tune into TSN 1260 to text and win!

Please email mobile@bellmedia.ca for any mobile services questions and customer service.

What is text message or SMS?
SMS or text message is an alphanumeric message that you can send or receive on your cellular phone. Text messaging is a fast and efficient way to inform someone without disturbing her/him. On average, Canadians send 100 Million SMS / day.

How can I learn to send SMS?
Each phone has a different process to open the text messaging and write a message, don't hesitate to check your handset user guide, or visit your wireless carrier's web site.

What is a shortcode?
It is a 5-6 digits number used by companies instead of the regular 10 digits number. They are easier to remember, and works with all wireless carriers. To send a message to TSN 1260, you have to use the short code 101260 as destination telephone number.

Will the DJ's see my messages?
The DJ will see all the messages on his computer in the studio. He will certainly read your message, and answer by text message, or read it live (if it is a dedication for example).

How often can I send text message?
Every day, you can chat, participate in entry requests or vote up to 50 times in each. You get 50 chat SMS, 50 entry requests etc. per day!

Which communication companies offer the service?
All the major wireless carriers in Canada offer the service through common short code initiative.

How much does it cost to send a text message?
Standard rates apply to text inquiries sent to 104104 which are invoiced by your wireless carrier directly on your phone bill. It doesn't cost more than to text a friend!

What do you do with the collected information?
By participating in TSN 1260 mobile services, you accept to receive information about TSN 1260 and its partners.

How can I contact you if I need help?
Please email mobile@bellmedia.ca for any mobile services questions and customer service