I have a question or a comment about your TV broadcast, on-air talent, program or event. Who do I contact?
If you have a question or comment about a program or event you saw on TSN, the television network, please direct all enquiries to TSN Audience Relations.

How do I obtain a copy of a program or event that I saw on TSN?
Because of broadcast rights restrictions, TSN and its networks and affiliates cannot make or sell VHS or DVD copies of programs which air on the network. The same broadcast rights restrictions prevent TSN and its networks and affiliates from e-mailing or distributing video clips to individuals over the internet.

TSN Schedule
For the latest TSN broadcast schedules go to TSN.ca/TV

I do not see a video on the web page when loading www.tsn.ca/tv or www.tsn.ca/live. How can I fix this?
Depending on your web browser you will need to follow steps to clear your browser cache and cookies. Here are instructions for the more common browsers:
Safari  Chrome  Firefox  Internet Explorer

I found a mistake or a broken link on your website. Who should I contact?
From time to time we make mistakes. Some result in a page being broken, or a link not behaving properly. If you see a broken link on the site, don't hesitate to contact us at audiencerelations@tsn.ca. Please be sure to include the url of the broken page.

I see an error page when visiting a TSN.ca page.
From time to time error messages may appear on our site. While we strive for 100% uptime and an error-free experience, occasionally things happen which cause an error to sprout up. We appreciate when errors are brought up to us and we will fix them immediately. Contact us at tech@tsn.ca, and we'll try to resolve the error as quickly as possible.

How do I get a TSN.ca account?
To login to your TSN.ca account:
How do I login my TSN.ca account?
You will be prompted to login once you try to comment on a story or by clicking on the avatar on the top right corner of any TSN page
You can either:
1. Enter your email address to create your account and your password.
2. Sign in securely using your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ account and click submit.
You are now logged in and can update your Profile, Email, Mobile and My Interests.
Please ensure that your browser accepts third party cookies and that are using the most recent version of your browser – all older versions of browsers are not currently supported.
*Note: It may take a 3-5 days before you begin receiving your personalized TSN Newsletter.

I did not receive my confirmation e-mail. How do I confirm my e-mail address?
Please check your junk mail/spam folders to see if the e-mail was erroneously filtered. You can add tsnmail@ems.tsn.ca to your while list to ensure TSN.ca e-mails are not filtered to your junk/spam folders. To have your confirmation e-mail re-sent:
Login to your TSN.ca account
Click Email
You will see your Profile
Beside your e-mail address click Confirm My Email button
Check your e-mail and be sure to click the link provided to complete your confirmation
Please note that accounts with unconfirmed e-mail addresses are automatically deleted after 30 days.

How do I change my TSN.ca username?
To change your username:
Login to your TSN.ca account
You will see your Profile
Enter your new username under User Information
Click Submit
Please note that changing your username will not be reflected in Your Call submissions.

How do I delete my TSN.ca Account?
To delete your TSN.ca account you will need to send us your request, please make sure to provide the e-mail address and username of the account to be deleted.

How do I subscribe to the TSN Morning E-mail?
To sign up for the TSN Morning E-mail:
Login to your TSN.ca account by clicking the avatar in the top right of any TSN.ca page
Under Newsletter select areas of interest you would like your TSN Morning E-mail to contain
Click Submit

How do I unsubscribe from the TSN Morning E-mail?
To cancel your TSN Morning E-mail subscription login to your TSN.ca account by clicking the avatar in the top right of any TSN.ca page
Uncheck all of your areas of interest previously selected

I've unsubscribed from a TSN e-mail but continue to receive e-mails. How do I stop these e-mails?
If you have unsubscribed from an e-mail by following the steps provided and you continue to receive offer e-mails, most likely you have multiple subscriptions. To unsubscribe from these lists:
Login to your TSN.ca account
Under Newsletter Management uncheck any and all e-mail subscriptions
Click Submit

There is a problem or an error with TSN Mobile site. Who do I contact?
If you are having problems with TSN Mobile site or have found a mistake please contact us.

What is your policy on Pop-up advertisements?
TSN.ca allows pop-up advertisements, although we are continually reviewing this practice and will monitor user's comments regarding pop-up advertisements.

What is your Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions?
TSN.ca's privacy policy guidelines are outlined in this document. As well, the terms and conditions for the use of TSN.ca are outlined in this document.

I'd like to advertise on TSN.ca. Who do I contact?
Maximize your next advertising or brand-building campaign on TSN.ca & TSN.ca Fantasy Sports, Canada's most exciting online sports destinations. TSN is Canada's Sports leader and number-one rated Canadian specialty television channel.

TSN.ca can build on the strength of the TSN brand by offering visitors sports content and wireless services with a Canadian angle.

The opportunities available on TSN.ca will extend your advertising value and increase brand awareness.

Sponsorship programs on TSN.ca can be tailored to your target audience and can incorporate a number of elements such as; banners, buttons, skyscrapers, mini-sites, contests, or promotions.

For advertising opportunities on TSN.ca, contact:
Sabrina Segal
Senior Manager - Media Sales, Bell Media
(416) 440-6405
Brendenn Bates
Account Manager, Digital Sales
(416) 384-4325
Ben Munger
Account Manager, Digital Sales
(416) 384-4219