Entering his second NFL season, Sammy Watkins has great expectations for the Buffalo Bills.

Speaking to the Buffalo News, the wide receiver said the Bills have all the pieces in place to win the AFC East make the playoffs for the first time since 1999.

“Winning, playoffs, championship,” Watkins said of expectations for the 2015 Bills. “We’ve got a great team and great coaches. I mean, there’s just no way we shouldn’t be in the playoffs or win a championship. I mean, with the team and coaches and staff that we have, and what they’re doing to bring us together, I think that there’s no doubt that we should win our division and be in the playoffs. It’s a problem if we don’t.”

Watkins is coming off a rookie season which saw him receive for 982 yards and six touchdowns on 65 catches. He underwent hip surgery in the offseason to repair a torn labrum, but said he is back at full health ahead of training camp.

The 22-year-old's confidence is not surprising under new head coach Rex Ryan, who has never been afraid to make bold predictions. Ryan has also predicted the Bills end will end their playoff drought this year.

The 2014 first-round pick is not placing specific goals on himself, however. Watkins points to the Bills improved depth at skills positions, which could lead to less touches for him.

 “I might get a thousand yards this year, I might get 900," Watkins said. "You just don’t know how it’s going to play out because we’ve got a great running back (in LeSean McCoy). We’ve got Robert Woods. We’ve got Marquise Goodwin. We’ve got Percy Harvin. We’ve got Charles Clay. So many pieces that you don’t know who’s going to have the better year. You might have Percy with a thousand yards. And if we’re winning, that’s fine."

However, the production of the Bills offence will still rest largely on the shoulders of the starting quarterback, who is yet to be named. EJ Manuel, Matt Cassel, Tyrod Taylor and Matt Simms will battle in camp for the job, with their success linking directly to Watkins' and the rest of the Bills offence.