Check out TSN's broadcast schedule for the WNBA season below.

Broadcast Schedule

Date Matchup Time (ET) Network
Friday, July 31 Liberty vs. Dream 7pm TSN2
Sunday, August 2 Mercury vs. Liberty 1pm TSN4
Thursday. August 6 Sky vs. Mercury 10pm TSN5
Friday, August 7 Liberty vs. Mystics 7pm TSN2
Saturday, August 8 Mercury vs. Storm 3pm TSN2
Monday, August 10 Mercury vs. Wings 7pm TSN
Monday, August 10 Sky vs. Storm 9pm TSN
Tuesday, August 11 Liberty vs. Sparks 9pm TSN
Thursday, August 13 Fever vs. Liberty 6pm TSN
Thursday, August 13 Lynx vs. Aces 9pm TSN
Wednesday, August 19 Wings vs. Lynx 9pm TSN3/5
Friday, August 28 Lynx vs. Mercury 7pm TSN3
Saturday, August 29 Storm vs. Sky 2pm TSN3/4
Friday, September 4 Storm vs. Sparks 10pm TSN2
Saturday, September 12 Mystics vs. Liberty Noon TSN5
Sunday, September 13 Aces vs. Storm 3pm TSN2
Tuesday, September 15 Sun vs. Sky 7pm TSN1/4
Tuesday, September 15 Mystics vs. Mercury 9pm TSN1/4
Thursday, September 17 Phoenix vs. Minnesota 7pm TSN5
Sunday, September 20 Connecticut vs. Las Vegas - Game 1 1pm TSN2
Tuesday, September 22 Connecticut vs. Las Vegas - Game 2 7pm TSN5
Tuesday, September 22 Minnesota vs. Seattle - Game 1 9pm TSN5
Thursday, September 24 Connecticut vs. Las Vegas - Game 3 7:30pm TSN2
Sunday, September 27 Las Vegas vs. Connecticut -  Game 4 1pm TSN2
Sunday, September 27 Seattle vs. Minnesota - Game 3 3pm TSN2
Tuesday, September 29 Connecticut vs. Las Vegas - Game 5 7:30pm TSN1/4/5
Friday, October 2 Las Vegas vs. Seattle - Game 1 7pm TSN1/4/5
Tuesday, October 6 Seattle vs. Las Vegas - Game 3 7pm TSN3/5


Schedule subject to change