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What happens when Patrick Kane shows up for your men's team?

Colin Peterson (@ColinPeterson11) Jul. 22, 2014 10:02 PM
We put up a post this afternoon about NHL players going home (like LeBron) to the team closest to their home town. Well Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks kinda did that. On Monday night he joined the Piranhas at a local rink in Buffalo where they proceeded to beat down the Essex St. Pub team 13-5.

Here's the box score from the game:

And here's the scoring summary:

Here's a few more pictures of Kane with the boys:

And don't worry Essex St. Pub, he routinely makes NHL goalies look silly too.

If you're wondering, "Who's the guy is that scored seven goals?" That's 24-year-old Vinny Scarsella, who played this past season for the Utah Grizzlies of the ECHL.

Scarsella's also a former linemate of the Buffalo Sabres' Cory Conacher as they both attended Canisius College, which is in Buffalo. This is actually the second game Kane has played with them, he had one goal, and two assists in the other appearance. There is one more NHL link; according to @PerformaxHockey the Washington Capitals' Tim Kennedy also plays on this team. To make Essex St Bar feel better, we should also point out that other members Matt Krug and Anthony Day play for Union and Yale respectively.

This is all bad news for the Piranhas' next opponent, the Peace Frogs, something tells me there won't be anything peaceful about it.