Monday, March 4, 2013

Minnesota7at0St. LouisFINAL (Spring Training)
Houston5at8DetroitFINAL (Spring Training)
Philadelphia5at0PittsburghFINAL (Spring Training)
Atlanta4at2NY MetsFINAL (Spring Training)
Tampa Bay1at5BostonFINAL (Spring Training)
Colorado6at16SeattleFINAL (Spring Training)
San Diego4at5TexasFINAL (Spring Training)
LA Angels5at13OaklandFINAL (Spring Training)
San Francisco2at6Chicago WSoxFINAL (Spring Training)
Cleveland13at5Chicago CubsFINAL (Spring Training)
Cincinnati2at7ArizonaFINAL (Spring Training)
WashingtonatAtlanta1:05 PM (Spring Training)
MinnesotaatMiami1:05 PM (Spring Training)
Tampa BayatBoston1:05 PM (Spring Training)
PittsburghatDetroit1:05 PM (Spring Training)
HoustonatNY Mets1:10 PM (Spring Training)
OaklandatChicago CubsTBD (Spring Training)
MilwaukeeatOakland3:05 PM (Spring Training)
TexasatLA Angels3:05 PM (Spring Training)
SeattleatLA Dodgers3:05 PM (Spring Training)
CincinnatiatKansas City3:05 PM (Spring Training)
Chicago WSoxatCleveland3:05 PM (Spring Training)
ArizonaatSan Diego3:05 PM (Spring Training)
San FranciscoatColorado3:10 PM (Spring Training)
TorontoatPhiladelphia6:35 PM (Spring Training)
BaltimoreatNY Yankees7:05 PM (Spring Training)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Baltimore6at6TorontoFINAL (10) (Spring Training)
Houston1at7WashingtonFINAL (Spring Training)
Tampa Bay8at5MinnesotaFINAL (Spring Training)
Oakland2at8Kansas CityFINAL (Spring Training)
Cincinnati4at6LA AngelsFINAL (Spring Training)
Cleveland4at3San FranciscoFINAL (Spring Training)
LA Dodgers3at7San DiegoFINAL (Spring Training)
Chicago Cubs3at6ColoradoFINAL (Spring Training)
Atlanta2at0NY YankeesFINAL (Spring Training)
NY MetsatWashingtonTBD (Spring Training)
DetroitatHouston1:05 PM (Spring Training)
BostonatSt. Louis1:05 PM (Spring Training)
PittsburghatToronto1:05 PM (Spring Training)
AtlantaatPhiladelphia1:05 PM (Spring Training)
NY YankeesatTampa Bay1:05 PM (Spring Training)
BaltimoreatMinnesota1:05 PM (Spring Training)
MiamiatNY Mets1:10 PM (Spring Training)
ColoradoatChicago CubsTBD (Spring Training)
ClevelandatSeattle3:05 PM (Spring Training)
ColoradoatTexas3:05 PM (Spring Training)
OaklandatMilwaukee3:05 PM (Spring Training)
San DiegoatChicago WSox3:05 PM (Spring Training)
LA AngelsatSan Francisco3:05 PM (Spring Training)
Kansas CityatArizona3:10 PM (Spring Training)
LA DodgersatCincinnati9:05 PM (Spring Training)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Miami2at7St. LouisFINAL (Spring Training)
Washington3at6PhiladelphiaFINAL (Spring Training)
Toronto1at4DetroitFINAL (Spring Training)
Pittsburgh9at3BostonFINAL (Spring Training)
Milwaukee7at6SeattleFINAL (Spring Training)
Chicago Cubs2at3TexasFINAL (Spring Training)
LA Dodgers0at4ClevelandFINAL (Spring Training)
Kansas City8at1ArizonaFINAL (Spring Training)
NY MetsatHouston1:05 PM (Spring Training)
TorontoatPittsburgh1:05 PM (Spring Training)
Tampa BayatBaltimore1:05 PM (Spring Training)
BostonatMiami1:05 PM (Spring Training)
NY YankeesatPhiladelphia1:05 PM (Spring Training)
PhiladelphiaatDetroit1:05 PM (Spring Training)
LA DodgersatLA Angels3:05 PM (Spring Training)
ColoradoatMilwaukee3:05 PM (Spring Training)
SeattleatChicago WSox3:05 PM (Spring Training)
Chicago WSoxatKansas City3:05 PM (Spring Training)
Chicago CubsatCleveland3:05 PM (Spring Training)
CincinnatiatSan Francisco3:05 PM (Spring Training)
TexasatSan Diego3:05 PM (Spring Training)
OaklandatArizona3:10 PM (Spring Training)
WashingtonatAtlanta6:05 PM (Spring Training)
St. LouisatMinnesota7:05 PM (Spring Training)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Toronto10at11BaltimoreFINAL (Spring Training)
NY Yankees6at7St. LouisFINAL (Spring Training)
Washington2at4HoustonFINAL (Spring Training)
Minnesota10at6PhiladelphiaFINAL (Spring Training)
Boston12at5MinnesotaFINAL (Spring Training)
Tampa Bay4at2PittsburghFINAL (Spring Training)
Miami1at4NY MetsFINAL (Spring Training)
Seattle3at7OaklandFINAL (Spring Training)
Texas11at11LA DodgersFINAL (Spring Training)
Seattle12at2Kansas CityFINAL (Spring Training)
LA Angels12at3San DiegoFINAL (Spring Training)
Arizona3at4MilwaukeeFINAL (Spring Training)
Chicago WSox8at3Chicago CubsFINAL (Spring Training)
San Francisco4at6ClevelandFINAL (Spring Training)
Detroit9at2AtlantaFINAL (Spring Training)
HoustonatWashingtonTBD (Spring Training)
MinnesotaatPittsburgh1:05 PM (Spring Training)
MiamiatSt. Louis1:05 PM (Spring Training)
PhiladelphiaatBaltimore1:05 PM (Spring Training)
Tampa BayatToronto1:05 PM (Spring Training)
AtlantaatBoston1:05 PM (Spring Training)
St. LouisatNY Mets1:10 PM (Spring Training)
ClevelandatChicago CubsTBD (Spring Training)
ArizonaatOakland3:05 PM (Spring Training)
CincinnatiatSeattle3:05 PM (Spring Training)
Chicago WSoxatCincinnati3:05 PM (Spring Training)
Chicago CubsatLA Angels3:05 PM (Spring Training)
San DiegoatMilwaukee3:05 PM (Spring Training)
TexasatLA Dodgers3:05 PM (Spring Training)
San FranciscoatKansas City3:05 PM (Spring Training)
LA AngelsatColorado3:10 PM (Spring Training)
DetroitatNY Yankees7:05 PM (Spring Training)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Atlanta14at9HoustonFINAL (Spring Training)
Toronto7at1AtlantaFINAL (Spring Training)
NY Yankees1at6MiamiFINAL (Spring Training)
Philadelphia2at3Tampa BayFINAL (Spring Training)
St. Louis16at10WashingtonFINAL (Spring Training)
NY Mets2at3DetroitFINAL (Spring Training)
OaklandatSeattleCANCELLED (Spring Training)
San DiegoatChicago WSoxCANCELLED (Spring Training)
ClevelandatKansas CityCANCELLED (Spring Training)
ArizonaatLA AngelsCANCELLED (Spring Training)
LA DodgersatSan FranciscoCANCELLED (Spring Training)
TexasatMilwaukeeCANCELLED (Spring Training)
Minnesota2at0BostonFINAL (Spring Training)
Baltimore6at3PittsburghFINAL (Spring Training)
CincinnatiatLA DodgersCANCELLED (Spring Training)
Chicago CubsatCincinnatiCANCELLED (Spring Training)
Kansas CityatColoradoCANCELLED (Spring Training)
AtlantaatWashingtonTBD (Spring Training)
NY YankeesatHouston1:05 PM (Spring Training)
WashingtonatSt. Louis1:05 PM (Spring Training)
BostonatBaltimore1:05 PM (Spring Training)
MiamiatAtlanta1:05 PM (Spring Training)
MinnesotaatToronto1:05 PM (Spring Training)
HoustonatPhiladelphia1:05 PM (Spring Training)
PittsburghatTampa Bay1:05 PM (Spring Training)
NY MetsatDetroit1:05 PM (Spring Training)
Chicago CubsatCincinnati3:05 PM (Spring Training)
ArizonaatLA Angels3:05 PM (Spring Training)
LA DodgersatTexas3:05 PM (Spring Training)
Kansas CityatMilwaukee3:05 PM (Spring Training)
ArizonaatChicago WSox3:05 PM (Spring Training)
SeattleatSan Francisco3:05 PM (Spring Training)
ClevelandatSan Diego3:05 PM (Spring Training)
OaklandatColorado3:10 PM (Spring Training)
BaltimoreatBoston7:05 PM (Spring Training)
SeattleatLA Dodgers9:05 PM (Spring Training)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

St. Louis2at0MiamiFINAL (Spring Training)
Tampa Bay15at7PhiladelphiaFINAL (Spring Training)
Detroit2at4TorontoFINAL (Spring Training)
Miami7at8WashingtonFINAL (Spring Training)
Atlanta2at1NY YankeesFINAL (Spring Training)
Minnesota5at4PittsburghFINAL (Spring Training)
Houston6at9NY MetsFINAL (Spring Training)
Oakland3at4TexasFINAL (Spring Training)
Seattle2at3LA DodgersFINAL (Spring Training)
Colorado8at6LA AngelsFINAL (Spring Training)
Kansas City13at2San FranciscoFINAL (Spring Training)
Texas5at2San DiegoFINAL (Spring Training)
Cleveland9at2Chicago CubsFINAL (Spring Training)
Milwaukee5at6CincinnatiFINAL (Spring Training)
Chicago WSox9at11ArizonaFINAL (Spring Training)
Baltimore5at2BostonFINAL (Spring Training)
St. LouisatWashingtonTBD (Spring Training)
TorontoatHouston1:05 PM (Spring Training)
BostonatPittsburgh1:05 PM (Spring Training)
PittsburghatBaltimore1:05 PM (Spring Training)
DetroitatMiami1:05 PM (Spring Training)
Tampa BayatNY Yankees1:05 PM (Spring Training)
PhiladelphiaatMinnesota1:05 PM (Spring Training)
AtlantaatNY Mets1:10 PM (Spring Training)
MilwaukeeatChicago CubsTBD (Spring Training)
Chicago WSoxatOakland4:05 PM (Spring Training)
TexasatSeattle4:05 PM (Spring Training)
CincinnatiatLA Angels4:05 PM (Spring Training)
San FranciscoatLA Dodgers4:05 PM (Spring Training)
ColoradoatKansas City4:05 PM (Spring Training)
MilwaukeeatCleveland4:05 PM (Spring Training)
San DiegoatArizona4:10 PM (Spring Training)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pittsburgh5at2BaltimoreFINAL (Spring Training)
NY Mets3at0St. LouisFINAL (Spring Training)
Philadelphia7at1HoustonFINAL (Spring Training)
Miami10at2AtlantaFINAL (Spring Training)
NY Yankees3at0TorontoFINAL (Spring Training)
Boston6at2Tampa BayFINAL (Spring Training)
Washington1at2DetroitFINAL (Spring Training)
Pittsburgh7at4MinnesotaFINAL (Spring Training)
Chicago WSox11at7SeattleFINAL (Spring Training)
Arizona5at7OaklandFINAL (Spring Training)
Cincinnati7at3Chicago WSoxFINAL (Spring Training)
LA Angels11at17Kansas CityFINAL (Spring Training)
San Francisco6at1MilwaukeeFINAL (Spring Training)
San Diego3at9Chicago CubsFINAL (Spring Training)
Texas7at6ClevelandFINAL (Spring Training)
LA Dodgers6at1ColoradoFINAL (Spring Training)
HoustonatWashingtonTBD (Spring Training)
BaltimoreatPittsburgh1:05 PM (Spring Training)
DetroitatSt. Louis1:05 PM (Spring Training)
AtlantaatPhiladelphia1:05 PM (Spring Training)
Tampa BayatBoston1:05 PM (Spring Training)
MiamiatNY Mets1:10 PM (Spring Training)
Kansas CityatSeattle4:05 PM (Spring Training)
CincinnatiatTexas4:05 PM (Spring Training)
Chicago WSoxatMilwaukee4:05 PM (Spring Training)
OaklandatLA Dodgers4:05 PM (Spring Training)
LA AngelsatCleveland4:05 PM (Spring Training)
Chicago CubsatSan Francisco4:05 PM (Spring Training)
San DiegoatColorado4:10 PM (Spring Training)
SeattleatArizona10:10 PM (Spring Training)

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