TSN, CTV and CTV2 are Canada's home for football on television, and the exclusive broadcast partner of the NFL in Canada. Check out our broadcast schedule below for this season's slate of games, and come back regularly for updated broadcast information. The NFL Lives Here.


National Broadcast Schedule

Date Matchup Time (ET) Network
Thursday, September 5 Packers vs. Bears 7:30pm TSN1/3/4/5/CTV2
Sunday, September 8 Titans vs. Browns 1pm TSN3
Sunday, September 8 Bengals vs. Seahawks 4pm TSN3
Sunday, September 8 Steelers vs. Patriots 7pm TSN1/3/4/5/CTV2
Monday, September 9 Texans vs. Saints 7:10pm TSN1/3/4
Monday, September 9 Broncos vs. Raiders 10:15pm TSN1/3/4/5
Thursday, September 12 Buccaneers vs. Panthers 7:30pm TSN/CTV2
Sunday, September 15 Vikings vs. Packers 1pm TSN1/3/4/5
Sunday, September 15 Chiefs vs. Raiders 4pm TSN1/3
Sunday, September 15 Eagles vs. Falcons 7pm TSN/CTV2
Monday, September 16 Browns vs. Jets 8:15pm TSN1/4/5
Thursday, September 19 Titans vs. Jaguars 7:30pm TSN/CTV2
Sunday, September 22 Lions vs. Eagles 1pm TSN1/3/4
Sunday, September 22 Giants vs. Buccaneers 4pm TSN1/3/4
Sunday, September 22 Rams vs. Browns 7pm TSN/CTV2
Monday, September 23 Bears vs. Redskins 8:15pm TSN
Thursday, September 26 Eagles vs. Packers 7:30pm TSN/CTV2
Sunday, September 29 Chiefs vs. Lions 1pm TSN4
Sunday, September 29 Rams vs. Buccaneers 4pm TSN2
Sunday, September 29 Cowboys vs. Saints 7pm TSN/CTV2
Monday, September 30 Bengals vs. Steelers 8:15pm TSN
Thursday, October 3 Rams vs. Seahawks 7:30pm TSN/CTV2
Sunday, October 6 Bears vs. Raiders 1pm TSN2
Sunday, October 6 Broncos vs. Chargers 4pm TSN2
Sunday, October 6 Colts vs. Chiefs 7pm TSN/CTV2
Monday, October 7 Browns vs. 49ers 8:15pm TSN
Thursday, October 10 Giants vs. Patriots 7:30pm TSN/CTV2
Sunday, October 13 Saints vs. Jaguars 1pm TSN5
Sunday, October 13 Cowboys vs. Jets 4pm TSN5
Sunday, October 13 Steelers vs. Chargers 7pm TSN/CTV2
Monday, October 14 Lions vs. Packers 8:15pm TSN
Thursday, October 17 Chiefs vs. Broncos 7:30pm TSN/CTV2
Sunday, October 20 49ers vs. Redskins 1pm TSN2
Sunday, October 20 Eagles vs. Cowboys 7pm TSN/CTV2
Monday, October 21 Patriots vs. Jets 8:15pm TSN
Thursday, October 24 Redskins vs. Vikings 7:30pm TSN/CTV2
Sunday, October 27 Cardinals vs. Saints 1pm TSN3
Sunday, October 27 Browns vs. Patriots 4pm TSN3
Sunday, October 27 Packers vs. Chiefs 7pm TSN/CTV2
Monday, October 28 Dolphins vs. Steelers 8:15pm TSN
Thursday, October 31 49ers vs. Cardinals 7:30pm TSN/CTV2
Sunday, November 3 Texans vs. Jaguars 9:30am TSN1
Sunday, November 3 Redskins vs. Bills 1pm TSN3
Sunday, November 3 Lions vs. Raiders 4pm TSN3
Sunday, November 3 Patriots vs. Ravens 7pm TSN/CTV2
Monday, November 4 Cowboys vs. Giants 8:15pm TSN1/3/4
Thursday, November 7 Chargers vs. Raiders 7:30pm TSN/CTV2
Sunday, November 10 Vikings vs. Cowboys 7:30pm TSN/CTV2
Monday, November 11 Seahawks vs. 49ers 8:15pm TSN
Thursday, November 14 Steelers vs. Browns 7:30pm TSN1/4/5/CTV2
Sunday, November 17 Cardinals vs. 49ers 4pm TSN2
Sunday, November 17 Bears vs. Rams 7pm TSN/CTV2
Monday, November 18 Chiefs vs. Chargers 8:15pm TSN1/3/4
Thursday, November 21 Colts vs. Texans 7:30pm TSN/CTV2
Sunday, November 24 Lions vs. Redskins 1pm TSN2
Sunday, November 24 Jaguars vs. Titans 4pm TSN
Sunday, November 24 Seahawks vs. Eagles 7pm TSN2/CTV2
Monday, November 25 Ravens vs. Rams 8:15pm TSN2
Thursday, November 28 Bears vs. Lions 12:30pm TSN4/5/CTV2
Thursday, November 28 Bills vs. Cowboys 4:30pm TSN4/5/CTV2
Thursday, November 28 Saints vs. Falcons 7:30pm TSN4/5/CTV2
Sunday, December 1 Packers vs. Giants 1pm TSN4
Sunday, December 1 Raiders vs. Chiefs 4pm TSN4
Sunday, December 1 Patriots vs. Texans 7pm TSN/CTV2
Monday, December 2 Vikings vs. Seahawks 8:15pm TSN
Thursday, December 5 Cowboys vs. Bears 7:30pm TSN/CTV2
Sunday, December 8 Lions vs. Vikings 1pm TSN1/5
Sunday, December 8 Chargers vs. Jaguars 4pm TSN1/5
Sunday, December 8 Seahawks vs. Rams 7pm TSN/CTV2
Monday, December 9 Giants vs. Eagles 8:15pm TSN
Thursday, December 12 Jets vs. Ravens 7:30pm TSN/CTV2
Sunday, December 15 Texans vs. Titans 1pm TSN1/3/4
Sunday, December 15 Vikings vs. Chargers 4pm TSN1/4
Sunday, December 15 Bills vs. Steelers 7pm TSN/CTV2
Monday, December 16 Colts vs. Saints 8:15pm TSN1/3/4
Saturday, December 21 Texans vs. Buccaneers 1pm TSN1/4/5
Saturday, December 21 Bills vs. Patriots 4:30pm TSN1/4/5
Saturday, December 21 Rams vs. 49ers 8:15pm TSN1/4/5
Sunday, December 22 Giants vs. Redskins 1pm TSN
Sunday, December 22 Lions vs. Broncos 4pm TSN
Sunday, December 22 Chiefs vs. Bears 7pm TSN/CTV2
Monday, December 23 Packers vs. Vikings 8:15pm TSN
Sunday, December 29 Dolphins vs. Patriots 1pm TSN1
Sunday, December 29 Steelers vs. Ravens 4pm TSN1/4
Sunday, December 29 49ers vs. Seahawks 7pm TSN/CTV2
NFL Playoffs      
Wild Card Weekend      
Saturday, January 4 Bills vs. Texans 4:30pm CTV
Saturday, January 4 Titans vs. Patriots 8pm CTV
Sunday, January 5 Vikings vs. Saints 1pm CTV
Sunday, January 5 Seahawks vs. Eagles 4pm TSN/CTV2
Divisional Playoffs      
Saturday, January 11 Vikings vs. 49ers 4:30pm CTV
Saturday, January 11 Titans vs. Ravens 8pm CTV
Sunday, January 12 Texans vs. Chiefs 3pm CTV
Sunday, January 12 Seahawks vs. Packers 6:30pm CTV
Conference Championships      
Sunday, January 19 Titans vs. Chiefs 3pm CTV
Sunday, January 19 Packers vs. 49ers 6:30pm CTV
Pro Bowl/Super Bowl      
Sunday, January 26 Pro Bowl - AFC vs. NFC 3pm TSN4/5
Sunday, February 2 Super Bowl LIV - 49ers vs. Chiefs 6:30pm TSN


Schedule subject to change