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Rublev keeps rankings points, prize money from Dubai after appeal

Andrey Rublev Andrey Rublev - The Canadian Press

LONDON (AP) — Andrey Rublev will get to keep the ranking points and prize money — minus a fine of $36,400 — from the Dubai Championships, the ATP ruled Monday, after he appealed the punishment of his default from the semifinals for yelling in the face of a line judge last week.

In a post on social media, Rublev thanked the appeal committee for its decision and added that he wants the tour to consider altering the rule that led to his disqualification.

“I hope that in the future, the ATP will take a closer look at this rule and make changes to it, so that an official can't force a match outcome without having clear evidence and not letting the player have a video review,” Rublev's statement reads.

It ends: “I promise I will learn from this and will try to be a better player and better person.”

The No. 5-ranked Rublev, a 26-year-old from Russia, forfeited the match after his reaction to a point being awarded to his opponent, Alexander Bublik, at 6-5 in the third set on Friday. When a tennis player is defaulted from a match because of on-court conduct, he relinquishes all money and rankings points earned in that event.

But the ATP ruled that the “customary penalties associated with a default ... would be disproportionate in this case."

“The appeal process took into consideration testimonies from the player, officials, as well as a review of all available video and audio materials,” the tour said.

It noted that Rublev would still be docked $36,400 for the code violation he was issued by the chair umpire for unsportsmanlike conduct.

A player losing in the semifinals in Dubai collected $157,755 and 200 rankings points.

After the point in question, Rublev pointed to the baseline, walked to the line judge, leaned over and shouted. ATP supervisor Roland Herfel went on court, accompanied by a Russian speaker who said Rublev swore in Russian. Rublev said he was speaking in English and did not use profane language.


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