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Curling world reacts to possible 'greatest shot of all-time' by Sweden's Edin

Niklas Edin Niklas Edin - The Canadian Press

Swedish skip Niklas Edin may have executed what's being called the greatest curling shot of all-time on Wednesday at the World Men's Curling Championship in Ottawa. 

Trailing Norway by two points in the 10th end, the Swedes were down to their last shot facing a dire situation to tie the game and send it to an extra end.

Norway's shot stone was buried behind two guards and corner frozen on Sweden's rock, just biting the eight-foot. There was simply no way a typical draw, hit or tap would give Team Edin the two points they needed to force an extra. 

The only answer was creativity. 

The 37-year-old put a significant amount of spin on his in-turn release, which slowed down the rock and gave it much more curl - the only way to get to Norway's shot stone and bump it far enough to score two. 

Edin's shooter almost rolled too far, but it stopped just in time to give his side the deuce after a measure. 

The shot was called. The shot was made. And it left just about everybody with their jaws on the floor. 

"That's insane," said Russ Howard after the shot. "That's the best shot I've ever seen in my life!"

Team Edin, who are now 6-1 after losing in an extra end, are looking to win their fifth straight world title this week, which would be the seventh of Edin's career. 

Let's take a closer look at the reaction from the curling world. 

Team Edin attempted a similar shot earlier this season with Oskar Eriksson throwing the rock.