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Render’s Run: Week 11 Survivor Pick to Consider

Jared Goff Detroit Lions Jared Goff - The Canadian Press

Week 11 of the NFL Season has arrived.

And after cruising to an easy winner with the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday, Evan Render is back with his weekly pick for survivor football. 

Render, the seven-year vet of survivor football, is still in the mix and is looking to add his second season-long title to his name after claiming a four-way victory in 2019.

As a reminder here is the list of teams he’s used so far this season: 

San Francisco
Kansas City
LA Chargers
New Orleans

Evan Render: Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears 
Is that supposed to scare me? Listen, I know he’s an upgrade over Tyler Bagent, but these rosters aren’t in the same stratosphere. 

Detroit is one of those teams I absolutely love backing when they’re at home. It’s a big week for them knowing that the Eagles may very well lose, meaning they could grab top spot in the NFC. 

This is so crucial for a team with Jared Goff at the helm, a quarterback who won’t be much of anything in January in the elements on the road. They need home field.

 They need this game against Chicago.

There’s plenty of other options out there this week including Jacksonville, Miami, San Francisco and even Houston, but the Lions are the play here.

They’ll keep rolling and win this game by double-digits so Dan Campbell’s odds to win Coach of the Year will shorten even more.