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Insider Trading: 10 days until TradeCentre…

Insider Trading - Feb. 27, 2024 Insider Trading - Feb. 27, 2024 - TSN

TSN’s Hockey Insiders discuss the trade speculation surrounding Jakob Chychrun, if the Stars are frontrunners for Chris Tanev, the Devils and Tyler Toffoli, why Jamie Drysdale’s injury won’t affect Philly’s decision on Sean Walker and Nick Seeler, and how Adrian Kempe's MRI will determine the Kings' trade deadline activity.

Chychrun speculation persists but trade unlikely

James Duthie: Insider Trading with Darren Dreger and Pierre LeBrun. Let's get into it. Ten days until TradeCentre. A bunch of Ottawa Senators on the Trade Bait board. But where are they at right now with Jakob Chychrun, Dregs?

Dreger: Well, just more speculation right? Rumblings around the National Hockey League which normally are furnished by other teams talking, but the reality of the situation in Ottawa really hasn't changed specific to Chychrun. There's no rush. There's no sense of contractual urgency to trade this guy. He's a valued piece of the organization. Now, they bring Shane Pinto off of suspension, and he's provided some depth certainly up the middle, more balance to the Ottawa Senators, a deeper complexion if you will. So, is it possible that Jake Chychrun gets traded before the deadline or on the deadline? It's possible, but it's unlikely. More likely is they revisit in the offseason.

Stars front-runners for Tanev?

Duthie: Chris Tanev is probably the name we've mentioned most on Insider Trading so far this season. Who is at the front perhaps of the peloton of teams chasing him Pierre?

LeBrun: Yeah, I would go with the Dallas Stars, who as Dregs mentioned earlier this season have shown interest. Well, that interest has continued to grow from the Dallas Stars. They covet going out and getting a right-shot defenceman and he tops that list is our understanding and they made it clear with the Calgary Flames what they're willing to pay in a trade for Chris Tanev. But what that package doesn't include right now, my understanding, is it does not include a first-round pick. And really, that's why Chris Tanev hasn't moved, because of all the teams that have shown interest and we know that a dozen teams have reached out on Chris Tanev, no one has slapped a first-round pick yet on the table which is why I think the Flames are willing to be patient and see if the market plays out. But if he is traded as we expect, you know, Tanev wants to go to a winning team, a team [with] a chance to win a Cup this year. And of course Dallas fits that criteria. But again, Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto among the other contenders with interest. 

Toffoli's future with Devils still up in the air

Duthie: Jersey had been talking to Calgary about Jacob Markstrom and we figured Jersey was going to be a buyer with that lineup, but as they've fallen into a precarious spot Dregs down the wild card standings, could they end up selling a guy like Tyler Toffoli, a pending UFA?

Dreger: They could, but that's not their intent, nor is it their want. They'd prefer to extend Tyler Toffoli, they have already engaged, at least to some degree, in extension talks with the agent Pat Brisson. Why wouldn't you? I mean, this guy has 25 goals, you can see he's a part of their future. The predicament is they're a non-playoff team right now. So I believe that the New Jersey Devils are going to take the next three games out west to deeply analyze their team and as you get closer to the trade deadline, if they feel that they're not playoff worthy, then perhaps they explore some of the interests that they're getting in Toffoli as a free agent.

Drysdale injury won't affect Walker/Seeler decisions

Duthie: We've talked a lot this year about a couple of Flyers defencemen, but Jamie Drysdale gets hurt Pierre on Sunday. Does that affect perhaps their trade plans there?

LeBrun: Well, you understand James why people would ask that question because they're in a playoff spot. But the reality is it won't affect ultimately what they decide at the deadline with Sean Walker and Nick Seeler, the two pending UFA D that continue to garner interest on the trade market. Now as we talked before, they may sign one of those two players to extensions, and that dialogue is still open. But just because their blue-line is depleted now with Drysdale out and we think he's going to be out about four weeks, the team will reevaluate him in two weeks, but think he is going to be out four weeks. It won't deter the Flyers from the bigger picture, the long term vision which is if a team steps up on Walker in particular, I believe they will deal him. 

Kempe MRI will determine Kings deadline activity

Dreger: Well look, injury always factors into the decision making this time of year. You look at the Los Angeles Kings and what Rob Blake is having to deal with. He's got Viktor Arvidsson and Carl Grundstrom still out on long term, week to week, they're expected to be back before the end of the regular season, but add another name to the injured list of Los Angeles Kings and that's top point-getter Adrian Kempe. He returned to Los Angeles after being injured on Monday night, you can see he falls awkwardly on that left arm. He's scheduled to have an MRI on Wednesday. Now the Kings don't have any cap space and with those players coming back before the end of the regular season, the only way Blake could get active prior to the trade deadline is if Kempe is long term so they'll know more on Wednesday. 

Duthie: Appreciate it, boys. Ten days until TradeCentre.