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Blue Jays unveil City Connect jerseys

George Springer George Springer - Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays finally revealed their City Connect jerseys and hats on Thursday night. 

“The Blue Jays are at the core of the city and those who call Toronto home know how the city comes alive at night. Our new City Connect uniform aims to emulate that ‘Night Mode’ feeling in the vibrant colours, the rhythmic skyline reflecting off the lake, and all the distinct details that make our city so dynamic,” said Blue Jays Executive Vice President of Business Operations Marnie Starkman. “Toronto’s City Connect uniform breaks from our beloved lineup of traditional uniforms and introduces a bold new fashion statement that captures the rhythm, culture, vibe, and spirit of the city.”  

The launch video was narrated by famous Canadian actor Simu Liu.

The jerseys dubbed "Night Mode" feature an illuminated Toronto skyline behind font that was "inspired by the vibrant landmark TORONTO sign at Nathan Phillips Square."

The colour scheme features a combination of "pitch blue, "speed red" and "hyper royal."

"A Night Mode version of the core Blue Jays colours, the bold new combination brings a dark base colour back for the first time since 2011," the Jays said in a new release. "The “pitch blue” is inspired by the hue of Lake Ontario at night, while Speed Red and Hyper Royal add energetic accents while maintaining a distinctly Canadian identity. The shoulder of the jersey features a “hyperized” bird head – a modern version of the logo that has been core to the Blue Jays brand for nearly 50 years." 

The hats have a completely new look as well with a "T" underneath a red maple leaf. 

"The distinctive “T” on the City Connect cap emulates the pillars of City Hall on the Toronto flag, while the maple leaf at its centre reflects the Blue Jays playing for an entire nation. Inside the cap, the rhythmic skyline encapsulates the pulse of the city," a news release said. 

The Jays will debut their new uniforms on Friday in the opener of a three-game series against the Pittsburgh Pirates. They will also wear the jerseys in select games throughout the season:

June 3, 5, 17, 19, 28
July 3, 19, 24
August 8, 21, 23
September 13, 23, 25