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Jones doesn't expect Cowboys to be active at deadline


With the NFL trade deadline fast approaching on Oct. 31, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doesn't believe his team will be active in the coming days.

Jones, 81, says he's comfortable with the roster he currently has, but admits that we wouldn't turn down a potential deal if it made sense.

 "I don't think there's anything at a level that would that I would expect to do anything," Jones told reporters on Thursday. "I don't see anything heated up to a level that would cause something happen."

Asked if the reason for a lack of movement is because of contentment with the current squad or a lack of anything interesting available, Jones says it's a bit of the two.

“It’s both, as you all know, that’s a two edged answer,” Jones said. “I do like this roster. Would I improve it if given an opportunity and it made a lot of sense? Of course, we would. But if we don’t do anything at this trade deadline, we’ve got a team in my mind that can get us where we want to go.”

The Cowboys (4-2) host the Los Angeles Rams (3-4) on Sunday.