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NFL adding tug-of-war to Pro Bowl skills competition

Flag football at the NFL Pro Bowl Flag football at the NFL Pro Bowl - The Canadian Press

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — The NFL is adding tug-of-war to its Pro Bowl skills competitions in February.

The league announced Thursday what those selected for the Pro Bowl will compete in, including dodgeball, precision passing, a closest-to-the-pin golf challenge and a Madden gaming event.

The games will take place at Central Florida and finish with a seven-on-seven flag football game between the AFC and NFC on Feb. 4.

New this year is tug-of-war, the traditional company picnic event where teams of five people will start above a foam pit and try and pull the opposing group in their direction.

Dodgeball will have four teams of five players with the AFC offense facing the NFC defense and then the AFC defense playing the NFC offense.

Six players from each conference will attempt to drive a golf ball as close to the hole as possible.

The rest of the competitions are precision passing, where three quarterbacks from each conference try to hit as many as possible in one minute; a best catch event with fans voting on the winner; a special teams competition where players, starting with a football in each hand, field punts from a JUGS machine without dropping any of the balls; a Kick Tac Toe event for kickers; an obstacle course race for six players of each conference; and a strength competition where five players from each conference work as a group to move 3,000 pounds of weights off a wall, then pull that 2,000-pound wall across a finish line.