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Insider Trading: Perry apologizes and seeks treatment

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TSN’s Hockey Insiders discuss Corey Perry’s statement made Thursday, how Patrick Kane and the Red Wings are on the same page for the trade deadline, the Sabres’ trade needs and the latest on plans for the 2024 NHL Draft.

James Duthie: For the first time since this entire Corey Perry saga started, we've heard from the man himself in a wide-ranging apology and mea culpa. 

Chris Johnston: Absolutely. Very clear that Corey Perry is starting to take steps to take ownership for his actions and it's a statement that speaks for itself, but at this point and time, while he is a free agent and obviously free to talk to any hockey teams, that's not at all his focus. His focus is on getting treatment as he mentions for his mental health and alcohol abuse struggles and to focus on his family at this point and time. The only real decision, I guess, in front of Corey Perry in the immediate term and his advisors is whether or not he files a grievance against the Blackhawks for the termination of his contract. But, if that were to happen, and that remains an if, that would really just be about recouping the money on that contract, not about returning to Chicago as a player."

Duthie: Patrick Kane is a Red Wing, we know that. The Red Wings have playoff aspirations and are currently just in a spot, but what happens if they fall out with a guy on a one-year contract like that?

Pierre LeBrun: It's kind of weird to mention this before he's even played a game, but the fact of the matter is, this was part of the conversation between the Red Wings and Patrick Kane's camp, led by agent Pat Brisson. The Red Wings put a lot of thought and planning into this signing and part of it is, getting ahead of every possible scenario. Of course, the hope is that No. 88 gets them in the playoffs and it's a great story and that's what their focus is. But, if they fall out, Pat Brisson and Steve Yzerman have had that conversation about 'ok, well let's have that conversation closer to the deadline. Let's see what Patrick Kane wants.' It's possible that he gets flipped and therefore the Red Wings get an asset for Patrick who is a UFA [on] July 1. He has the full no-trade clause, Patrick Kane does, him and Pat Brisson would have a big say, but the bottom line is, this is a win-win for Detroit. He either gets them in the playoffs, it's a great story or Detroit potentially at least nets an asset from the future Hall of Famer. 

Darren Dreger: I'm keeping an eye on Kevyn Adams and the Buffalo Sabres. As we know, we reported the Buffalo Sabres were among the teams that also expressed interest in Patrick Kane. Could they be in the market for another forward? They love the pedigree, they like the experience of Patrick Kane. They didn't just land the player. The good news for the Sabres though, is that they don't have to be in a rush. If they're adding that piece, they got Jack Quinn coming back in the near future, they've got Tage Thompson who isn't that far away. So, you're talking about two top six forwards. They're open for business in Buffalo to add a forward, but it's not an intense search. 

Duthie: You guys reported, very interestingly on the NHL's interest on perhaps holding the 2024 Draft at the Sphere, this ridiculously cool thing in Vegas. Any updates on that?

Johnston: Those discussions continue with the league. I think it's still something they'd like to do. Obviously time is getting a little bit short here with a Draft that would be held at the end of June in that very unique building which comes with some complications, we'll call it, with the screens and some of the work that has to go in. Where the NHL is at is they're going through the costing of this. It's obviously not going to come cheap and it's going to be discussed next week when the board of governors gather in Seattle. That's the league owners, obviously the league wants to run this by them before any action is taken, but we should get clarity on this, I would think at some point here in the near future.