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Tempe city council approves Coyotes proposed arena; referendum set for May

Arizona Coyotes Arena Mullett Arena - The Canadian Press

With NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and deputy commissioner in attendance, Tempe city council has voted unanimously in favour of approving the Arizona Coyotes proposed arena and entertainment district, according to TSN Hockey Insider Chris Johnston. 

The project will now be put to a referendum of local citizens in May. 

Bettman says the team is willing to sign a 30-year non-relocation agreement and that the league will hold a future draft or All-Star game in Tempe. 

The Coyotes are currently playing at Mullett Arena this season, the brand new rink at Arizona State University, and where they are expected to play for at least the next three seasons.

The team had spent the previous 18 years playing in the city of Glendale but after the city refused to renew the Coyotes' lease agreement, the franchise struck a deal in February to play at Arizona State.