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This week, the spotlight is on hockey's brightest stars. Last year at this time, Sidney Crosby's place as the best player in the game was unquestioned but after another poor playoff performance, his status as the game's dominant force is on shaky ground. At the same time, the stock of Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews has risen as the leader of one of the league's premier teams. On the eve of training camp, we ask: Who is the best player in the NHL: Crosby or Toews?

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@SportsCentre @Gillette #MovesLikeNoOther Clearly Kane. Clarkson can't prove something that was never there.


@SportsCentre @Gillette #MovesLikeNoOther Kane for sure! Every1 knew Clarkson wasnt worth the cash he got. Kane still has lots of potential!


Kane for sure, Clarksons one big highlight was his suspension he can't hold Kane's jockstrap! Go Jets Go #MovesLikeNoOther

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Cameron Richardson

Clarkson, Kane is already the Peg's best player.

Heber Benson

Clarkson!! If he has the success he's had in the past, he will still be a grossly overpaid!! Kane is young and hasn't done well the last few seasons but if he lives up to his past 30 goals seasons, his contract will be good. Clarkson's will never be good.

Alex Warren

Clarkson by a long shot... he didn't even hit 15 points? That's 4th line material and 800k.

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