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Betting Breakdown: Super Bowl LVIII Taylor Swift specials


The star of the 2024 season hasn’t been a quarterback. It hasn’t been a coach. And it hasn’t been a team. 

The star of the 2024 NFL Season has been Taylor Swift. 

A budding and beautiful relationship has formed between her and one of the best tight ends the game has ever seen. 

Earlier this week, Travis Kelce was asked what he’s learned from Swift’s fame. 

“That being famous worldwide is a lot different than being famous in Kansas City.” 

Amen to that, Travis. 

One example of how out-of-this-world of a star Swift is has been her impact on the betting markets for this year’s Super Bowl. 

Markets we’ve never seen before have appeared out of thin air, and it’s all thanks to her.

Before the Grammys, you could bet she would announce a release date for Reputation (Taylor’s Version) before kick-off. However, when she called an audible Sunday night, announcing a *brand new* album, that market was pulled off the board. 

But the opportunities for Swifties and the degenerates to come together and make some prop bets are still there. 

So, let’s dive into four Taylor Swift markets for Super Bowl LVIII. 

Will Travis Kelce propose to Taylor Swift?

                                        Open      Feb. 5   Current

Yes                                 +172     +1060     +820

No                                  -230      -3000     -2000

Congrats to anyone who got a “no” wager in at -230. It only took a few hours for that number to balloon to -3000 and has recently settled at -2000. 

During the team’s media night, Kelce was asked if a proposal was in the works for a post-game celebration. Here’s what he had to say. 

“I’m focused on getting this [Super Bowl] ring, and that’s all that my mind’s focused on right now.” 

The couple has been together for around seven months. While rumours have recently surfaced about an upcoming engagement, Page Six reports it’ll likely happen in July while the couple celebrates one year together. 

Will the MVP mention Taylor Swift in their speech?

Yes      +520

No       -900

We covered this market earlier in the week. Here’s an expert from that article. 

The way I see it, there are two paths for this to cash. Maybe three. 

No. 1, Patrick Mahomes wins Super Bowl MVP and gets on the stage and, while reflecting on the crazy rollercoaster season Kansas City had and says “Man, it’s crazy, we’ve even got Taylor Swift out here with us, what a world.” 

No. 2, Travis Kelce wins Super Bowl MVP and gets on the stage and says, “Love you, baby. Sorry I had to miss the Grammys, but you know we had a job to do, and now that job is done.”

No. 3 - and this is my favourite - Brock Purdy wins Super Bowl MVP and gets on stage and pulls off the biggest heel move of all time, bashing Swift, voicing his displeasure of the “Swifties” and making a very large enemy in the process. 

Regardless of how you slice it, it’s a longshot. Here’s hoping Purdy shocks the world. 

Will Andy Reid mention Taylor Swift in his podium speech?

Yes      +520

No       -850

Andy Reid and Swift had a nice moment after the AFC Championship game when Reid found Swift through the crowd, and the two exchanged a point. 

Will Reid take it one step further after winning the Super Bowl and mention Swift at the podium? 

Your guess is as good as mine. But Reid was very vocal in support of the relationship early in the process, and if he wins his third Super Bowl Sunday night, he could make it a special one for all the Swifties with a shout out of their favourite artist.

Will Taylor Swift wear a Kristin Juszczyk custom design?

Yes  +310

No   -420

A few weeks ago, Swift accelerated the timeline of fashion designer Kristin Juszczyk’s brand when she sported one of her puffer jackets in Kansas City during Super Wild Card Weekend.  

Since then, Juszczyk has received a new NFL licensing deal, allowing her to label and sell clothing that uses NFL branding. 

Remember, that night in KC was one of the coldest games in the history of the NFL—seemingly the perfect opportunity for a new custom puffer coat. 

This week, while temperatures in Vegas are expected to be colder than you’d think, the game will take place in a temperature-controlled environment. Puffer coats might not be the vibe. 

Sure, she has some other designs, but if Swift really going to show up to the Super Bowl supporting the rival side? 

That’s up to you to decide.