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Super Bowl LVIII pre-game novelty props

Super Bowl LIV coin toss Super Bowl LIV coin toss - Getty Images

The Super Bowl provides an opportunity for us to focus on much more than just the game. Anything from the opening coin toss to who the MVP will thank first in their post-game speech. For every bet you can dream of making on Feb. 11, FanDuel has you covered. 

This week, we highlighted the markets available for Usher’s halftime show and every post-game prop you can fire at. Today, we’re going to dive into all the fun you can having betting the game before it even starts. 

Let’s talk pre-game props.


Coin Toss Props 


Chiefs -104 

San Francisco 49ers -104 


Heads -104 

Tails -104 

To win Coin Toss and Win Game 

49ers +260 

Chiefs +320 

Why bet the coin toss once when you can play it *three* times. 

You can bet which side the coin will land on. 

You can bet which side will win the coin toss. 

You can bet which side will land on the right side and be the right side in the game.

We’ve played 57 Super Bowls, and tails is leading heads by a score of 30-27. The coin has landed on tails in seven of the past 10 Super Bowls.  

The coin toss winner has gone on to win the Super Bowl just twice since 2014, with Seattle winning the flip and the game in 2014 and the Chiefs doing the same thing last year. 

We’re not going to spend much more time of this, but betting on the coin toss is always a fun way to get to the night started. 


National Anthem Length 

Over 90.5 seconds +102 

Under 90.5 seconds -128 

Before any coins get flipped, we have to sing the national anthem. 

This year, Reba McEntire, "The Queen of Country,” will do the honours. And this market has been on the move. 

This number opened at 83.5 seconds and has moved to the current number we have at 90.5. 

This is the third straight year a country artist will sign the national anthem at the Super Bowl, after Mickey Guyton and Chris Stapleton the past two years. 

Both artists went over their anthem prop and four of the last five anthem performers have gone over the number. 

Dating back to 1990, no artist has completed their rendition of the national anthem at the Super Bowl in under 80.5 seconds. But McEntire isn’t like all the other artists. 

A quick YouTube rabbit hole of McEntire’s prior anthem performances shows a trend. 

Under. Under. Under. 

Here are a few examples: 

June 10, 2017: 1:20 

1999 Dallas Cowboys game: 1:30 

October 21, 1997: 1:27 

1985 World Series Game 1: 1:05 

There are several more videos of McEntire singing the national anthem on YouTube, and I haven’t been able to track down any of her going over this number. 

Could the trend of overs finally meet its match? 


Total Canadian Viewers 

Over 17.5 Million -110 

Under 17.5 Million -110 

When it comes to novelty props, this is the only one that you can have a direct impact on. 

Take the over, and watch the game. You’ll be *that* much closer to winning. Or, bet the under and start a country-wide blackout the day of the game. Boom, free winner. 

This market opened at 16.5 million and moved up earlier in the week, and for good reason. 

Last year’s Super Bowl reached 17.3 unique Canadians. 

And while Usher probably isn’t as big of a draw as Rihanna for the halftime show, this year, we have Taylor Swift to move the needle. 

Will she be at the game? Will the MVP mention her in his speech? Will Travis Kelce ask her to marry him? All very legitimate reasons to tune into the game this year. 

The Swifties have fallen for football, and I’m not going to bet against them showing up in large amounts this year. 

If you take my advice on anything in this column, it’s take this number to go way over. 

I think. 


Temperature at Time of Kick Off 

11-15°C +110 

16-20°C +140 

20+°C +750 

6-10°C +750 

0-5°C +3500 

You think predicting what’s going to happen on the field is tough? Try doing the same with the weather a week in advance. 

While the Super Bowl itself will take place under the temerature-controlled Allegiant Stadium and even though the weather will have no impact on this game, we can still wager on what the outside temperatue in Las Vegas will be that afternoon. 

With this game set to kickoff at 6:30 p.m. EST, let this be your reminder that this game will take place at 3:30 p.m. local.  

As of Friday morning, the temperature in Vegas on Super Bowl Sunday looks like it’ll be near 12°C. If the game were being played today, indicates 13.33°C for 3:00 p.m. this afternoon in Vegas – 30 minutes before the set kickoff time Sunday afternoon. 

The low in Vegas for Super Bowl Sunday is currently 2°C, but that'll likely happen early in the morning or late at night well after kick off, which explains 6-10 and 0-5 having such long odds.

Nonetheless, if you think it’ll be a bit warmer at kickoff, FanDuel has a market for you, and if you think the fine people of Vegas are in for a cold afternoon, you just might be able to make some *cold* hard cash.