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Thunderbirds veteran Jamieson continues giving back

Cody Jamieson Cody Jamieson - NLL

The Halifax Thunderbirds may have slipped back to .500 with a tough overtime loss this past weekend, but veteran forward Cody Jamieson knows how to shake off the loss and keep things in perspective. It is that perspective…from his native upbringing, through his time in school and through a decorated eleven year career in the NLL…that keeps the Six Nations, Ontario native focused and always looking to help others.

It is also why Jamieson launched and continues to support the community through his foundation,  TeamEights which used the game of lacrosse as the vehicle to help not just skills, but to teach life lessons.

“I was the first from my family to leave and go to University, and it’s awesome to eave and go get educated but you have to come back and help your community,” Jamieson said recently. “We went through a stretch where there was a lot of people dying by suicide. One was a cousin of mine who was only in grade seven. She had her whole life ahead of her. I wanted to find a way to show peopled there is always someone there to listen and to help you, that’s why I started my foundation.”

Jamieson, who starred at Syracuse University before embarking on a pro career, is one of five aboriginal players on the Thunderbirds roster, which is owned by Curt Styres, an Indigenous businessman from Six Nations, a First Nation reserve near Brantford, Ont. Cody has spent 11 years now with Styres and the franchise, first in Rochester and now the last three years in Halifax, and remains amongst the franchise’s all-time leaders in most offensive categories.

“Lacrosse is a beautiful game, it shows there is a job and there is a role for everyone no matter your size or skill level,” he added. “The gifts are given to you by The Creator, if you use them well it makes you a better person.”

However it is Jamieson’s sense of purpose, and his vision of community, that continues to make an even bigger impact on Indigenous youth year-round. “When we go out to speak it’s not just about lacrosse skills, it’s about life skills, and using everything you have to the best of your ability. We are team players, and we have to use everything we have to help those who don’t see a way out. If we leave young people with a message its just that, you are never alone, and someone is there to get you through the challenges you have.”

This season’s NLL standings are tighter than they have been in years with the best and most exciting action probably still ahead. However even with such a focus on elite play, the stars of the NLL, especially one bright veteran one plying his trade in The Maritimes, won’t lose sight of a bigger mission; taking the gifts given and making sure the passes connect with those who needs them most, whether they hold a lacrosse stick or not.

It's why Cody Jamieson continues to shine as a person in the community, a life of all-star play on the field, and all-star character off it.