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Bills LB Miller breaks silence after alleged assault, calls allegations '100 per-cent false'

Von Miller Buffalo Bills Von Miller - The Canadian Press

Buffalo Bills linebacker Von Miller spoke to the media Thursday for the first time since turning himself in following an arrest warrant issued for allegedly assaulting a pregnant woman in November.

ESPN reported on Nov. 30 that the Glenn Heights Police Department in suburban Dallas confirmed that Miller, a native of the area, turned himself in late that afternoon to face a charge of third-degree felony assault of a pregnant woman.

The reported noted that the 30-year-old was booked into the DeSoto Tri-City Jail on a $5,000 bond and released a short time later.

"It's been a crazy month," Miller said in his opening remarks on Thursday.

"Obviously, there are things that I can't talk about, but everything that is out is completely wrong and blown out of proportion. Me and my girlfriend, we have problems just like any other couple does, but there's never been any of the things that was alleged against me.

"Hopefully, over time, all of this stuff will get cleared up and, life just sometimes be life'n, and you've got to keep pushing and keep moving."

After addressing the alleged assault that was reported during the Bills' bye week, the veteran linebacker talked about his knee as he continues to work his way back from a season-ending ACL injury last season.

"It's apparent that it's not where I want it to be right now," he said.

"You just got to keep pushing and just really enjoy the moment. I enjoy playing for the Buffalo Bills. I enjoy being in the NFL in my 13th year. You just got to enjoy all the small things, live in the moment. We've got a great team; it's not all about me and my sacks [of which Miller has none] and me making plays.

"Of course I want to contribute to my team, but the cards that have been dealt to me right now, I've just got to play them. Keep playing, keep pushing. I still feel confident in my ability and still feel confident in my ability to play in this league."

After fielding a question from a reporter, Miller spoke further on his allegations.

"First and foremost, there are men and women to deal with serious domestic situations, you cannot downplay that. That really happens in this world that we live in.

“Never in any of my relationships that I've been in, never in my current relationship with my girlfriend, did any of those things happen. So whenever you see this stuff pop up on, you know articles and stuff like it's shocking, of course, especially when my name is attached to it."

"It is 100 per cent false,” Miller continued. “It's overblown, and I've got the right people on the job.”

Last month was not the first time Miller had been the subject of a police investigation. In 2021, when Miller played for the Denver Broncos, it was announced that Miller would not face criminal charges following an investigation by police in a Denver suburb.