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Peru handed red card for hard challenge vs. Canada after escaping headbutt


Peru escaped a red card for a headbutt in the first half, but weren't able to do the same for a hard challenge in the second half of of Tuesday's Copa America game against Canada in Kansas City. 

Following a review, Peruvian defender Miguel Araujo was handed a red card in the 59th minute after striking Canadian winger Jacob Shaffelburg in the shins as they battled for the ball. 

Araujo was ejected from the game as Peru played with 10-men for the remainder of the match. 

Canada picked up their first Copa America win in history after Jonathan David scored in the 74th minute.

Peru could have been down to nine-men after defender Marcos López escaped a red card of his own in the first half. 

Following an out-of-bounds play in the 38th minute, López and Canadian defender Alistair Johnston appeared to be trash talking before the Peruvian defender moved his head towards Johnston, making contact with his forehead. 

Johnston immediately fell to the ground as play was halted. 

Despite reviewing the head-butt on VAR, López was not given a yellow or red card by the official as play resumed. 

Amid all the controversy, Canada's manager Jesse Marsch praise his side for keep their cool in the win,

“With the experience of Peru, to manage all of the game appropriately and keep our discipline, not cross the line, not put ourselves in jeopardy of bad cards, bad fouls, showed a level of maturity,” Marsch said, per The Athletic.