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Report: Bama coach tipped off bettor about pitching change

Brad Bohannon Brad Bohannon - Alabama Crimson Tide

Brad Bohannon, the former head baseball coach of Alabama, tipped off a bettor at the sportsbook inside the Great American Ball Park, home of the Cincinnati Reds, about a pitching change for his team ahead of Friday's game against Louisiana State.

Action Network's Darren Rovell reports the bettor, whose identity has not been revealed, placed a bet while on the phone with Bohannon after receiving word that Luke Holman, the Crimson Tide's best starter, was being scratched with a back injury with reliever Hagan Banks starting in his place. Because the bettor was at a physical sportsbook, he could place a much larger wager than is permitted by online sites and apps, who normally limit bets on NCAA baseball to $500.

The bettor placed a large wager on the LSU moneyline, which was at -245, and used it in a parlay. The Tigers jumped out to an 8-1 lead and won the game by a score of 8-6 after the Tide scored five in the ninth.

By earlier this week, the Ohio gaming commission, as well as commissions in a number of other states had halted betting on Alabama baseball. On Thursday, Bohannon was fired by the Crimson Tide.

Rovell notes that there is no evidence that any of Alabama's players were aware of Bohannon's activities.