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Adams Golf is back

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Adams Golf is back and ready to play again.

One of the most popular names in golf equipment has been reborn and is targeting those new to the game and those returning to play.

It’s been a busy ride back to the market for the company that was started in 1991 by Barney Adams. When it was first launched, the idea was to make equipment that would be beneficial to anyone who wanted to play the game – seasoned veteran or newbie.

The company became well known for its hybrids – the renowned Tight Lies line – which found their way into the bags of many tour pros, without the benefit of any endorsement cheques. It found a spot in the ever-crowded marketplace and in 2012 it was purchased by TaylorMade, which used much of Adams’ technology in its other lines.

Now the Adams brand is moving back to the forefront but with the same mission of appealing to a special market, one that has seen significant growth in the last few years.

In 2022, there was a 7.5 per cent increase in rounds played in Canada according to Lightspeed Commerce, which works with more than 500 courses in the country. Many of those rounds were played by those new to the sport and those considered lapsed players. That’s the group to which Adams Golf is hoping to appeal.

The clubs are sold as an affordable, complete-set, direct-to-consumer line that is accompanied by apparel and accessories.

“We view the relaunch of Adams Golf as an opportunity to speak directly to this emerging population of new golfers with equipment that checks the box in each of these categories,” said John Gonsalves, vice-president of direct to consumer.

“Beyond that, we aim to build a brand that appeals to a wide range of players from different backgrounds, playing experiences and viewpoints on the game. We’re pushing this brand to be progressive and different, but at the same time deliver performance equipment straight to the consumer’s door that enhances enjoyment of the game.”

Adams IDEA Driver
Adams IDEA driver

The Adams IDEA set is made up of a modernized driver, fairway, hybrid, irons and wedge offerings. All five product lines are built on proven Adams technologies. That includes the Velocity Slot on the sole of the driver and woods. It allows the face to flex and return a rebound of maximum efficiency, leading to longer shots. Variable face thickness allows players to gain speed, even on off-centre hits, and a low centre of gravity means optimal launch properties.

The fairways, hybrids and irons also retain the famous Adams Tri-Sole design which assists with turf interaction meaning a better strike.

The Adams IDEA wedge has a very high CG placement for flight control on full shots and an aggressive C-grind sole for versatility on those tricky shots around the green.

Adams Mission C Groove putter
Adams Mission C-Groove putter

There are also two putters available: a heel-toe weighted model and a fanged mallet one. Both have the famous C-groove face designed to get the ball rolling faster.

“Our new Adams IDEA clubs and C-Groove putters have been engineered from the ground up to embody the spirit of the brand with meaningful technologies that are relevant to a wide range of golfers,” said Chandler Carr, product creation manager. “The Adams brand carries a reputation of quality, forward-thinking design and innovation. We are fully committed to the future of Adams Golf and have dedicated resources, teams and technologies to make sure we continue to build upon its roots.”

The clubs are sold in three different packages. There is a full set of woods, irons and putter, and two reduced sets with fewer clubs. There is also a full complement of bags, clothing and hats.

The clubs will be sold only through the Adams website at