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Tiger Tracker: Woods 11-over after round 3

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods - The Canadian Press

Tiger Woods struggled to a 10-over-par 82 in the third round on Saturday and sits at plus-11 overall for the tournament. 

Overall score: +11
Round 3 score: 82 (10-over-par)

Here is a hole-by-hole look at Tiger's second round:

Hole 1 (par 4): Par (E Round 3, +1 tournament)

Tiger split the fairway with his 305-yard tee shot but came up short with his approach. Woods was unable to sink his 48-foot putt for birdie but successfully converted the two-putt to remain at 1-over

Hole 2 (par 5):Par (E Round 3, +1 tournament)

Tiger had a chance for birdie on the second but rolled his birdie attempt just wide of the hole, starting his round par-par for the second-straight day.

Hole 3 (par 4): Par (E Round 3, +1 tournament)

Tiger was unable to birdie the Par 4 third for a second-straight day, rolling his 18-foot birdie attempt just past the cup. He was able to sink the three-foot par putt to remain at 1-over.

Hole 4 (par 3): Bogey (+1 Round 3, +2 tournament)

Tiger's tee shot landed on the fringe of the green,  putting him in a good position but he was unable to capitalize, three-putting for bogey to drop him to eight shots behind the leaders.

Hole 5 (par 4): Birdie (E Round 3, +1 tournament)

Tiger bounced back quickly from his bogey, drilling his first birdie of the day on the Par 4 fifth. Woods' 19-foot birdie made him the first player of the day to birdie the hole.

Hole 6 (par 3): Bogey (+1 Round 3, +2 tournament)

Tiger was unable to follow up his birdie on the Par 3 sixth as he sent his tee shot long and was unable to properly recover, missing a six-foot putt for par. 

Hole 7 (par 4): Double Bogey (+3 Round 3, +4 Tournament)

Tiger  sent his first shot into the rough and his third shot into the green-front bunker resulting in a disappointing double bogey, dropping him to 4-over for the tournament. 

Hole 8 (par 5): Double Bogey (+5 Round 3, +6 Tournament)

Tiger's difficult round continued on the Par 5 eighth. After sending his tee shot into the trees, Woods needed a three putt to finish, resulting in his second-consecutive double bogey, dropping him to 6-over for the tournament. 

Hole 9 (par 4): Bogey (+6 Round 3, +7 tournament)

Tiger's tee shot once again found the trees while his second shot found the green-side bunker as he bogeyed the Par 4 ninth. He is now 6-over in his past four holes.

Hole 10 (par 4): Par (+6 Round 3, +7 tournament)

Tiger was briefly able to stop his slide, saving par on the Par 4 10th to remain at 7-over for the tournament. Woods has a chance for birdie but rolled his 15-foot attempt past the hole. 

Hole 11 (par 4): Par (+6 Round 3, +7 tournament)

Tiger looked to be in trouble once again after sending his approach on the Par 4 11th wide of the green but was able to chip to within eight feet and sink the putt to save par, keeping him at seven over for the tournament.

Hole 12 (par 3): Bogey (+7 Round 3, +8 tournament)

Tiger struggled with his tee shot once again, sending his initial approach on the Par 3 12th well left of the green. He was then unable to sink a six-foot putt to save par, dropping him to 7-over on the day.

Hole 13 (par 5): Birdie (+6 Round 3, +7 tournament)

Tiger nailed his first birdie since the fifth hole, sticking a gorgeous approach to within eight feet of the hole and sinking the putt for his first birdie on the back nine. 

Hole 14 (par 4): Bogey (+7 Round 3, +8 tournament)

Tiger settled for his fifth bogey of the day on the 14th hole, as he once again sending his tee shot into the trees. Woods had a chance to save par but could not sink the 18-foot attempt. 

Hole 15 (par 5): Bogey (+8 Round 3, +9 tournament)

Tiger has now bogeyed three of his past four holes after another of the Par 5 15th. Woods missed the green on his approach and left his chip short, forcing him into another bogey his sixth of the day. 

Hole 16 (par 3): Bogey (+9 Round 3, +10 tournament)

Tiger settled for his third straight bogey, and fourth in his past five holes, with another on the Par 3 16th. His approach shot found the green but his 55-foot birdie attempt sailed 12-feet past the cup and into the fringe forcing a three putt for bogey.

Hole 17 (par 4): Bogey  (+10 Round 3, +11 tournament)

Woods came away with his fourth straight bogey.

Hole 18 (par 4):  Par (+10 Round 3, +11 tournament)

Woods finished up his round with a par on the final hole.