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TaylorMade breaks barriers with Qi10 drivers

TaylorMade Qi10 TaylorMade Qi10

To most regular golfers, the term moment of inertia might not mean much. To those who design golf clubs, it’s one of the most important aspects of club creation.

That’s why TaylorMade is championing its newest line of drivers, the Qi10, which has found a new level of this measurement, one that was thought to be unreachable.

The family of drivers the company has released includes the Qi10 Max, Qi10 LS and Qi10. These unlock plenty of forgiveness, with the Qi10 Max hitting the elusive total moment of inertia of 10,000 g-cm².

Essentially, the higher the moment of inertia, or MOI, the more stability there is in the club. It means reduced head twist on balls that are hit off centre. Unless you are a club creator or deeply interested in the physics of golf clubs, you don’t need to fully understand this number, but you should know that with the new Qi10 Max, TaylorMade has reached this milestone measurement.

For the regular folks, this means TaylorMade has just released its most forgiving golf clubs ever made. With the new Qi10 Max, if your shots don’t find the exact centre of the clubface – and let’s face it, that’s probably most of the time – they will maintain more speed meaning more distance, and also stay more on line.

As TaylorMade said in its release announcing the new family, these clubs “unlock a new frontier of forgiveness.”

To reach the elusive 10,000 mark, the company used a combination of advanced lightweight materials, a new head shape, and an innovative placement of mass.

“This quest to 10K is the sum of a variety of proven TaylorMade technologies that have been integrated into a new shape in the Qi10 Max, literally giving us the most forgiving driver in TaylorMade history with the highest MOI we’ve ever achieved,” Tomo Bystedt, the senior director of product creation, said in a release.

“On top of it, the evolution of 60X Carbon Twist Face features a new blue colour pattern and high contrast topline that works in unison with the Infinity Carbon Crown to provide a very clean and refined look at address position.”

The driver has benefitted from construction technologies that allow it to reposition mass lower and deeper in the clubhead, for an optimal positioning of the centre of gravity. That helps the launch angle and the spin control.

The head also has a different shape which is shallower and a longer from front to back, and a carbon face featuring Twist Face technology which keeps off-centre hits more on line.

There is also a specially designed shaft which helps lower torque resulting in improved face closure at impact, which was the last piece of the puzzle in reaching the 10K mark.

The other drivers in the family include the Qi10 LS, which delivers a lower spin and lower launch. This is targeted at players with faster swing speeds and higher spin. This model has a new, more efficient moveable weight that features a single 18-gram steel sliding weight housed by on a track system. It can be positioned to optimize ball flight.

The Qi10 driver is designed for players to optimize distance and forgiveness in an attractive, confidence-building package.

The Qi10 Max and Qi10 are priced at $799.99, while the Qi10 LS has a price tag of $829.99. All three are available for order starting Jan. 9, and will be in stores starting on Feb. 2