TSN is the home of the 2018 World Junior Hockey Championship.

Check below for the full schedule.

More broadcast details to follow.


Tournament Schedule

Date Teams Time (ET/PT) Network
Wednesday, Dec. 20 Canada vs. Czech Republic (pre-competition) 7pm/4pm TSN
Friday, Dec. 22 Canada vs. Switzerland (pre-competition) 7pm/4pm TSN
Tuesday, Dec. 26 Russia vs. Czech Republic Noon/9am TSN
Tuesday, Dec. 26 Sweden vs. Belarus 2pm/11am TSN GO
Tuesday, Dec. 26 Finland vs. Canada 3:30pm/12:30pm TSN
Tuesday, Dec. 26 USA vs. Denmark 8pm/5pm TSN
Wednesday, Dec. 27 Belarus vs. Switzerland 3pm/Noon TSN 1/3
Wednesday, Dec. 27 Canada vs. Slovakia 6:30pm/3:30pm TSN 1/3/4
Thursday, Dec. 28 Denmark vs. Finland Noon/9am TSN 1/4
Thursday, Dec. 28 Switzerland vs. Russia 2pm/11am TSN 3/5
Thursday, Dec. 28 Czech Republic vs. Sweden 4pm/1pm TSN 1/4
Thursday, Dec. 28 Slovakia vs. USA 8pm/5pm TSN 1/4/5
Friday, Dec. 29 Russia vs. Belarus Noon/9am TSN3
Friday, Dec. 29 USA vs. Canada 2pm/11am TSN
Saturday, Dec. 30 Belarus vs. Czech Republic Noon/9am TSN 1/4
Saturday, Dec. 30 Switzerland vs. Sweden 2pm/11am TSN5
Saturday, Dec. 30 Slovakia vs. Finland 4pm/1pm TSN 1/4/5
Saturday, Dec. 30 Canada vs. Denmark 7:30pm/4:30pm TSN 1/4/5
Sunday, Dec. 31 Czech Republic vs. Switzerland Noon/9am TSN 1/3
Sunday, Dec. 31 Finland vs. USA 4pm/1pm TSN 1/3
Sunday, Dec. 31 Denmark vs. Slovakia 6pm/3pm TSN2
Sunday, Dec. 31 Sweden vs. Russia 8pm/5pm TSN
Tuesday, Jan. 2 QF: Czech Republic vs. Finland Noon/9am TSN
Tuesday, Jan. 2 QF: Canada vs. Switzerland 3:30pm/12:30pm TSN 1/4/5
Tuesday, Jan. 2 QF: Slovakia vs. Sweden 6pm/3pm TSN3
Tuesday, Jan. 2 QF: Russia vs. United States 8pm/5pm TSN 1/4/5
Thursday, Jan. 4 SF 1 - United States vs. Sweden 4pm/1pm TSN
Thursday, Jan. 4 SF 2 - Canada vs. Czech Republic 7:30pm/4:30pm TSN
Friday, Jan. 5 Bronze Medal - United States vs. Czech Republic 4pm/1pm TSN
Friday, Jan. 5 Gold Medal - Canada vs. Sweden 7pm/4pm TSN 1/4