With the helmet issue resolved for the time being, Antonio Brown's frostbitten feet are coming back into focus. 

The star receiver described the injury in detail on Tuesday's episode Hard Knocks. To no one's surprise, it sounds grisly. 

“I got out, and I felt my foot burning,” Brown told NFL Films. “I was like, ‘Man, I feel a hot sensation.’ The next like 24 hours it swelled up. It got really big. I couldn’t really walk or put pressure. The doctor came over, drained a little out. Scalpel the next day. Freaking scissors the next day. Just kind of let it leak all out. As everything leaked all out, I was able to put a little pressure. Thankfully, my trainer was working me out in the midst of my freaking. . . I can’t be on my feet." 

“Now, it’s just like new skin, I’m just trying to get my feet used to feeling that, but I feel like I’ve just got a . . . big whoopee cushion. You know?" he added. 

Brown explained that he sustained the injury while receiving cold therapy treatment in France, confirming what many outlets previously reported. 

Brown's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, spoke to reporters on Tuesday but declined to say specifically how Brown was frostbitten, saying there could be a forthcoming "legal process" with the French cryotherapy facility. 

Raiders trainer Rod Martin referred to the injury as a "serious burn" but general manager Mike Mayock said Brown was "going to be fine."

Brown returned to the Raiders' training facility in Napa, Calif., on Tuesday after being away from the team. Head coach Jon Gruden said Brown was expected to play in Week 1, but added he was concerned with the missed time.

“I’m concerned,” Gruden said. “We’re missing time here. I’ve always said, ‘Time spent; value received.’ You’ve got to spend time at this. So we’re concerned. We’re optimistic, but we’re concerned.”

"I'm extremely grateful to be here," Brown said while speaking to reporters on Tuesday. "I've been dealing with a lot of adversity. I'm excited to be back and see my teammates and get in the groove of things."

The Raiders acquired the four-time All-Pro in a trade with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the off-season.